The Conners Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?

The Conners Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?
Credit: ABC Network

Attention! The Conners is finally returning for another season. Continue reading to learn more about The Conners Season 5.  

The Conners is an American television sitcom that premiered on ABC as a spin-off from Roseanne. Werner Entertainment is behind the show. While the sitcom is based on the Roseanne series, producer Bruce Helford has stated that the creative team has chosen to overlook significant occurrences from Roseanne’s sixth season onwards. This contains Jackie’s marriage to Fred and the birth of her son Andy, Roseanne and Dan’s fourth child, Jerry, and practically the whole ninth season of Roseanne.

The Conners Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?
Credit: ABC Network

It is one of the best-received series by the audience with an average score of 93% as indicated by Rotten Tomatoes. So, this is not surprising that the series got renewed. Hence, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about the official release date, plot, and cast, which will definitely get you ready for the next season. Here’s everything you need to know about The Conners Season 5

Is The Conners renewed for Season 5? 

Yes, it’s official that ABC has finally renewed The Conners for a fifth season, quoting, “The rumors are true – #TheConners will be back for a fifth season!” Take a look at the official announcement shared by The Conners’ official Twitter page below:

Moreover, Emma Kenney who portrays Harris Conner-Healy also shared the news stating, “Season 5 let’s go!! . @TheConnersABC @ABCNetwork @hulu grateful.” Take a look at the tweet below:

The Conners Season 5 Potential Release Date 

The renewal announcement of the series was revealed on May 14, 2022. As a result, the release dates have yet to be confirmed. Moreover, the production of the show is yet to begin and it will take some time to complete followed by the post-production stage. These stages are followed in a scheduled pattern which will eventually determine the potential release date for The Conners Season 5.

The Conners Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?
Credit: ABC Network

But if we have to predict it is expected to premiere sometime by the end of 2022 as many reports have indicated that the series might be back on the screen by the fall of 2022. So, there is a relief that the fans won’t have to wait for long. But, for the time being, we suggest fans patiently wait for some time until the announcement is officially revealed by the network. 

Moreover, The Conners Season 4 premiered on ABC on September 22, 2021, with an episode titled Trucking Live in Front of a Fully Vaccinated Studio Audience. This episode was watched by 3.51 million viewers, was directed by Jody Margolin Hahn, and was written by Bruce Helford.

The Conners Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?
Credit: ABC Network

As, the season is still airing it is speculated that it might conclude with potential scenarios, which has piqued the interest of viewers who are ready to see what happens next in the series and with these characters. As a result, the renewal is great news for fans who will be able to binge-watch the next season when it airs as the story unfolds and builds in the remaining episodes from The Conners Season 4. 

Take a look at some fans’ reactions to the renewal

The Conners Season 5 Plot 

The official description from NBC indicates that “the sitcom centers on the Conners, a working-class family attempting to make ends meet on limited resources. They are forced to face the daily challenges of living in the fictional mid-state exurb of Lanford, Illinois in a way they have never faced before after the death of the original show’s lead character Roseanne.”

The Conners Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?
Credit: ABC Network

As of May 18, 2022, a total of 19 episodes have been released out of the reported 20 episodes season of The Conners. The 19th episode, Three Ring Circus, was released on May 11, 2022. Moreover, the episode was watched by 2.74 viewers. The official synopsis of states, “Ben and Darlene are excited to share their good news with the family, but Neville and Jackie, and Aldo and Harris, share their own very similar news.”

In the episode, Ben and Darlene return home, but before they can tell their families of their engagement, Neville unexpectedly proposes to Jackie, prompting Aldo to ask Harris; the two couples decide to have a double wedding. Darlene and Ben decide to keep their restored relationship a secret because of all the excitement.

Later, Becky, Louise, and Jesse fail to persuade Harris that she is too young to marry and that Aldo is the wrong man, while Darlene is unhappy with the situation. Dan finds Ben and Darlene’s plan and guilts them into holding a triple wedding ceremony with Jackie and Neville, as well as Harris and Aldo. Soon later, Harris is taken aback when Aldo unexpectedly announces that he wants to start a family right now.

The Conners Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?
Credit: ABC Network

The next episode which is reported to be the finale episode of the season titled as, A Judge and A Priest Walk Into A Living Room will conclude and lead to set the premise of the upcoming season which may have some of the major details or surprises which might happen in these episodes and how the season will end, or what cliffhangers and plot threads will develop the characters and their arcs. 

The official synopsis of the episode states, “The Conners gear up for a mega wedding; Jackie and Neville, Darlene and Ben, and Harris and Aldo are planning for a shared big day, but along the way, they discover that some of the couples may not be on the same page about their happily ever afters.”

These plot synopses provide viewers a general idea of the plot, but not the complete picture that the show’s writers have transferred from the pages to the screen. As a result, we have no idea what significant insights or surprises will be revealed in this episode which will lead to the upcoming season. So, we suggest fans patiently wait for some time as the ending will surely reflect some light on the potential plotlines for the next season. 

The Conners Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?
Credit: ABC Network

The Conners Season 5 Cast 

We’d like to point out that the fifth season could see some new cast additions and exits of some characters, which will be revealed once filming begins and is formally confirmed. Meanwhile, it’s assumed that the original cast will return for the future season, as the network has yet to announce any new updates about the casting as of May 18, 2022. As a result, we anticipate that several key cast members will return to reprise their roles. 

The main cast members of the series include:

  • John Goodman as Dan Conner
  • Laurie Metcalf as Jackie Harris
  • Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner
  • Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner-Healy
  • Michael Fishman as D.J. Conner
  • Emma Kenney as Harris Conner-Healy
  • Ames McNamara as Mark Conner-Healy
  • Jayden Rey as Mary Conner
  • Maya Lynne Robinson as Geena Williams-Conner 
  • Jay R. Ferguson as Ben Olinsky 

The Conners Season 5 Episodes 

Although the exact number of episodes for The Conners Season 5 has yet to be released, we may anticipate that the episode range may differ between 11-20 episodes with a 25-30 minute runtime, similar to the previous seasons. The precise number of episodes is currently difficult to anticipate because each season has a different number of episodes due to the plot that the season wants to convey to the viewers, which is turned into a screenplay. 

The Conners Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?
Credit: ABC Network

Furthermore, many shows aim to maintain a regular episode count across seasons to maintain the story’s consistency. As a result, we ask fans to wait patiently for these updates, which will be released once post-production is completed on time and the names of each episode are confirmed. Meanwhile, refresh your recollection of some major plotlines by binge-watching prior seasons.

Is there a trailer for The Conners Season 5? 

No, because The Conners Season 5 production has yet to begin, despite the show’s recent renewal. As a result, viewers will not be able to watch a teaser or trailer, nor will they be allowed to speculate on possible main plotlines. Meanwhile, watch this exclusive interview as host Kelly Gilmore chats with Ames McNamara about “The Conners” season four, what it’s like playing Mark, and secrets from the set. 

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The Conners Season 4: A Quick Recap 

The Conners continues to face the daily struggles of life in Lanford. This iconic family—Dan, Jackie, Darlene, Becky, and D.J.—grapples with parenthood, dating, financial pressures, and aging in working-class America. Through it all—the fights, the coupon cutting, the hand-me-downs, the breakdowns—with love, humor, and perseverance, the family prevails.

The series stars John Goodman as Dan Conner, Laurie Metcalf as Jackie Harris, Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner, Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner-Healy, Michael Fishman as D.J. Conner, Emma Kenney as Harris Conner-Healy, Ames McNamara as Mark Conner-Healy, Jayden Rey as Mary Conner and Jay R. Ferguson as Ben. “The Conners” is executive produced by Tom Werner, along with Sara Gilbert, Bruce Helford, Dave Caplan, Bruce Rasmussen, and Tony Hernandez. The series is from Werner Entertainment.

The Conners Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?
Credit: ABC Network

Where can you stream The Conners Season 4?

The Conners is currently available on fuboTV and Hulu Plus. The Conners is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Vudu with membership plans according to the preference of the users. Moreover, you can watch the new episodes on the ABC channel on Wednesday at 8:00/9:00c. 

The Conners Season 4 Official Promo

The Conners Season 4 Promo

The Conners Official Synopsis 

The official synopsis of the series states, “After a sudden turn of events, the Conner family is forced to face the daily struggles of life in a way they never have before. This iconic family, Dan, Jackie, Darlene, Becky, and D.J., demonstrates that laughter, conversation, and love can overcome anything. The family grapples with issues including parenting, dating, an unexpected pregnancy, financial pressures, aging, and in-laws. Through it all, the fights, the coupon cutting, the hand-me-downs, the breakdowns — with love, humor, and perseverance, the family prevails.”

The Conners Season 5: Is it renewed or canceled?
Credit: ABC Network

Catch up on the previous episodes while you wait for more The Conners Season 5 updates.