The Crown Season 6 Expected Release Date: Everything we know so far

The Crown Season 6: Everything we know so far about the expected release date
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When will the sixth and final season of this historical drama television series be expected to release? Continue reading to find out more about The Crown Season 6. 

Despite months of anticipation, it is unfortunate to break the news to readers that the official release date for The Crown Season 6 has not been disclosed. Even though it was renewed a few months ago, details about the next chapter are still under wraps. But it was confirmed that the sixth season will close the series, and cover the Queen’s reign into the 21st century. 

Moreover, filming for the sixth season began in August 2022, but Morgan noted he expected it to stop for a period of time in September following the death of Elizabeth II “out of respect.” In October 2022, it was reported that the events just before and right after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in Paris would be filmed for season six. Later, filming resumed but paused again on the day of Elizabeth’s funeral.  

The Crown Season 6: Everything we know so far about the expected release date

After these updates, it is assumed that the production stage is still ongoing, which will later take over a month of editing in post-production to perfect the episodes for the final season, so any information about the release date seems way too soon. But if we have to predict the potential release date, it is expected to be released by Netflix sometime around late 2023, just like the prior seasons.  

Additionally, it is expected to air at the same time slot of 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET on Netflix. So, any statement about the show’s official release date is still pending verification by Netflix. So, this is just speculation that the next season might follow the same pattern and be released in a similar time frame if the network decides to go with the same schedule, which will be confirmed in the coming months.

The Crown Season 6: Everything we know so far about the expected release date

The Crown Season 6: What to expect in the final season?

The sixth season will trace the reign of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding in 1947 through to the early 21st century. The sixth season is expected to focus on the late 1990s until the early 2000s. 

Producer Suzanne Mackie revealed why showrunner Peter Morgan won’t continue past the early 2000s in an interview with Broadcast.Peter has said it very articulately, that he simply can’t write something unless there has been time to gain a proper perspective. I think he’s always felt 10 years is the minimum amount of time that he can see something in a historical context, to allow him to really understand it.”

Further adding, “I don’t think he’ll deviate from that,” Mackie added. “We all know these stories, but what Peter does so brilliantly is get underneath that and understand the landscape in a more nuanced, complex, surprising way.”

The Crown Season 6: Everything we know so far about the expected release date

If you recall, Netflix announced that the series would receive a sixth season as originally intended to which Morgan said that when the storylines were being discussed for season five, “it soon became clear that in order to do justice to the richness and complexity of the story we should go back to the original plan and do six seasons.” 

He also added that the final two seasons would enable them “to cover the same period in greater detail.” In the final episode of The Crown: The Official Podcast, host Edith Bowman teases what’s next for Season 6. Their conversation hinted, “Season 6 is being made and there is nothing beyond that for this show.” 

Also, Peter Morgan stated, “In Season 6, the arrival of William and Kate and Harry just blows the doors off. You want to see them. It happened in the read-through. You could just see everyone looking up and looking at each other across the room. And every time William spoke, it was like, “Oh my God, this is just riveting.” To which Edith Bowman replied, “Well, we’ve got all that and more to look forward to in Season 6. So, for now, it’s goodbye, but don’t worry, we will be back next year for the final ever season of The Crown. I can’t wait.” 

The main cast members of the series are as follows Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II, Claire Foy as young Queen Elizabeth II, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret, Dominic West as Prince Charles, Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, Princess of Wales, Jonny Lee Miller as John Major, Olivia Williams as Camilla Parker Bowles, Claudia Harrison as Princess Anne, Natascha McElhone as Penelope Knatchbull, and Marcia Warren as Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. 

The recurring cast members include Salim Daw as Mohamed Al-Fayed, Amir El-Masry as young Mohamed Al-Fayed, Khalid Abdalla as Dodi Fayed, Alex Jennings as Edward, Duke of Windsor, Lia Williams as Wallis, Duchess of Windsor, Timothy Dalton as Peter Townsend, Prasanna Puwanarajah as Martin Bashir, Bertie Carvel as Tony Blair, Flora Montgomery as Norma Major, Andrew Havill as Robert Fellowes. 

Other members include James Murray as Prince Andrew, Emma Laird Craig as Sarah, Duchess of York, Sam Woolf as Prince Edward, Senan West as Prince William, Will Powell as Prince Harry, Chayma Abdelkarimi as young Samira Khashoggi, Humayun Saeed as Hasnat Khan, Lydia Leonard as Cherie Blair, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Monique Ritz, Theo Fraser Steele as Timothy Laurence, and Jude Akuwudike as Sydney Johnson. 

The Crown Season 6: Everything we know so far about the expected release date

Furthermore, the sixth and final season is expected to have about 10 episodes with a runtime of 47 to 61 minutes, which are expected to be released on the same day, just like the prior seasons. We speculate that it is intended to follow the same framework to be consistent. For the time being, we recommend that viewers should follow the show’s social media handle to stay up to date on the latest details about the sixth season.

When The Crown Season 6 draws close to its release date, the series will be available exclusively on Netflix, with other series of the same genre also accessible on the streaming platform with a range of membership options. The video quality and the number of screens you can use to stream Netflix simultaneously depend on the package you choose. The basic membership starts at $9.99/month, and the standard membership starts at $15.49/month at no additional cost with any of their services.

Lastly, the network has not released any new teaser or trailer for the upcoming season. In the meantime, check out the official trailer for the fifth season, which showcases, “The fifth season covers the period 1991 to 1997, and focuses on the “War of the Waleses” and the resulting divorce of Diana and Prince Charles, as well as the rise of the Al-Fayed family and the “annus horribilis” of Queen Elizabeth II in 1992.” Take a look at the official trailer below: 

The Crown | Season 5 Official Trailer | Netflix

Catch up with the prior seasons on Netflix while you wait for more updates on The Crown Season 6.