The Dragon Prince Season 4: Everything you need to know

the dragon prince season 4
Credits: Netflix

When will The Dragon Prince Season 4 release on Netflix? Read on to know more.

Netflix is known to have been producing various originals on its streaming platform. And we all know how cool they are. Animation series like Beastars, Baki The Grappler, Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure, and many more had attracted more viewers to the platform. The Dragon Princess is one such animation that lured thousands of viewers and its fan base keeps expanding. It already had its three seasons done and dusted while Season 4 is likely to drop very soon.

The latest of the episodes hit our screen in the year 2019. It’s been almost 3 years that we haven’t had anything new from the series. All courtesy goes to the pandemic who had single-handedly blocked the production of The Dragon Prince. But the wait has come to an end now that The Dragon Prince Season 4 is about to arrive.

the dragon prince season 4

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date

We do not know exactly when this is coming around but here are some speculations. Since The Dragon Prince has promised to drop in during Netflix’s Geeked Week, so it can be assumed that the animated series is making an appearance somewhere late this year. In the trailer concerning Geeked Week, Netflix is to navigate animation on Day 3. Once when the creators came to know of the fandom’s frustrations, they kept us on a loop of updates. The recent one in April 2022, we got to know about the progress, hence we can be sure of getting to watch it on Netflix in a couple of months.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Trailer

Unfortunately, since there’s no release date yet, there’s no trailer for The Dragon Prince Season 4 as well. We expect the trailer to surface somewhere around the release date. But, you can rewatch The Dragon Prince Season 3 trailer here.

The Dragon Prince Season 4: What can we expect?

First things first, The Dragon Prince Season 4 is about to get more magical. If you watched the previous 3 seasons then you would know that Season 4 is going to revolve around the Book of Earth. Hence, we can expect a few things. So, the happy balance and friendship between Humans and Elves are maintained with the reawakening of Zym’s mother. Viren had been brought back to life by his daughter Claudia after his fall off the mountain peak. Since the location of Aaravos was not known, Claudia points at the large cocoon on the wall of the cave. 

the dragon prince season 4

Also, Viren must have acquired enough energy from Zym to enable Aaravos to enter metamorphosis. After hatching it will pose threat to the dragons. 

Rayla and Callum’s relationship will grow funnier now that they have confessed love for each other. Adding to that, Rayla still has to recover Viren’s coins to free the trapped souls of the Moonshadow elves.  Callum is also growing in strength and magic. We can expect at least one climactic battle against Viren or Claudia. Also, Ezran is getting to his usual self. His amiability will surely maintain peace between dragons, elves, and humans.

It is interesting to note that The Dragon Prince has already been renewed for seasons 5, 6, and 7. The entire saga will contain a total of 63 episodes since each of the seasons will hold 9 episodes. 

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Cast

  • Rayla— Paula Burrows
  • Callum— Jack de Sena
  • Ezran— Sasha Rojen
  • Viren— Jason Simpson
  • Claudia— Raquel Belmonte
  • Soren— Jesse Inocalla
  • Aaravos— Erik Dellums
  • Runan— Jonathan Holmes

the dragon prince season 4

The Dragon Prince: What is it about?

The official Netflix description reads:

“WAR IS COMING . . . Four full moons past, humans crossed into the magical lands of Xadia and committed an unspeakable crime: They destroyed the only egg of the Dragon King and Queen. Now a young Moonshadow elf assassin has been sent on her first mission; she will make the humans pay for their heinous act. But before she can complete her task, she and two human princes make an astonishing discovery . . . a discovery that could change everything. And so the three reluctant allies set off in a desperate attempt to stop the coming war. Their journey won’t be easy, but the trio soon learns that the most serious threat to their quest can’t be fought with magic or physical strength. Can these young heroes overcome the longstanding hatred between humans and elves, and restore peace to their world?”

It is evident that The Dragon Prince Season 4 is going to bring us lots of surprises. With the Avatar creator at the helm, we can expect big from this popular franchise.