The Flash Season 9: Is it going to be the last season of the CW series?

The Flash Season 9: Is it going to be the last season of the CW series?
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Is it finally time to say goodbye to The Flash? Continue reading to find out more about The Flash Season 9.

Will Barry Allen’s reign on the CW end? It is a crucial question that Flash fans are asking on social media. As the series’ eighth season concluded on June 29, 2022, viewers started to wonder if this was the last time they would see the show or will the CW renew it for at least one more season to reach a satisfactory conclusion to such a popular TV series.

The show has received fairly good criticism and audience acclaim around the world. There is no hiding the fact that when The Flash initially premiered, it was watched by 4.8 million viewers and had a 1.9 18–49 demographic rating. 

The Flash Season 9: Is it going to be the last season of the CW series?

Making it The CW’s most-watched and highest-rated series premiere since The Vampire Diaries in 2009 and easily becoming The CW’s most-watched telecast and the highest-rated premiere for the network. The show has continued to be in the headlines over the years and amassed a loyal fan base who deserves to know if the show will get a chance to say a proper goodbye to the viewers and not get canceled abruptly without any answers. It seems like fans are very lucky as the network has decided to continue the series for one last season. As a result, we’ve compiled a quick summary of everything you need to know about the season’s renewal status, release date, plot, and cast.

The Flash Season 9: Is it going to be the last season of the CW series?

Is The Flash renewed for Season 9?

Yes, it’s official that the CW has renewed The Flash for a ninth season in March 2022, which will serve as its final season. The last season of the series will consist of 13 episodes with a runtime of 41 to 45 minutes, making this the shortest season of its run. The exact episode titles and numbers for the upcoming season cannot be confirmed this early on, as the production of the next season is expected to go into production this year in the month of September.

On the other hand, the news was also confirmed on the official Twitter handle of the show by simply retweeting an article by Deadline, which quotes, “The CW brass have been diligent about giving its signature series a proper ending, when possible. #TheFlash is one of two legacy shows whose next seasons will be last, along with ‘Riverdale’.”

The Flash Season 9: Is it going to be the last season of the CW series?

The Flash Season 9 Potential Release Date

As of August 2, 2022, the network has not yet officially confirmed the precise premiere date of The Flash Season 9, but the release window has been revealed to be sometime in 2023, making any information regarding the release date seem incredibly speculative. On the plus side, it appears that the forthcoming season won’t be postponed and will arrive sooner than expected. The upcoming season’s filming is expected to begin later this year. 

Given the premiere of the previous seasons, if we were to predict, the ninth season premiere would most likely happen in the fall of 2023, which is October, except for the last two seasons, which debuted on March 2, 2021, and November 16, 2021, respectively. Likewise, we would want to underline that at this point, everything is just conjecture. As a result, when production begins and progresses according to schedule, the CW will announce the release dates for the upcoming season in the months that follow. Fans should keep an eye on it till then.

The Flash Season 9: Is it going to be the last season of the CW series?

The Flash Season 9 Plot

According to reports, the 13-episode midseason order would place The Flash’s series finale just a few weeks before the film adaptation of the same name from Warner Bros., starring Ezra Miller as the lead character, and set for release on June 23. Coincidentally, the long-delayed movie was first revealed one week after The Flash series premiered on October 7 on the CW. According to sources, the series finale is expected to wrap up its own plot without setting up the film.

The upcoming season is also expected to pick up from the finale episode of the eighth season, Negative, Part Two. The episode was directed by Marcus Stokes and written by Eric Wallace. According to the official description, the episode shows that with The Flash still reeling from everything that just happened, the rest of the team rallies to support him when he needs it the most.

The Flash Season 9: Is it going to be the last season of the CW series?

Hence, it is also anticipated that it will pick up any potential cliffhangers and subplots from the previous season and plunge right into this world, giving viewers something fresh to consider and concluding the show on a good note. In order to create the best material and story while prioritizing these cherished characters, the network must entice viewers to stream the series.

“Nine seasons! Nine years of saving Central City while taking audiences on an emotional journey full of heart, humor, and spectacle. And now Barry Allen has reached the starting gate for his last race,” The Flash executive producer/showrunner Eric Wallace said. “So many amazing people have given their talents, time, and love to bring this wonderful show to life each week. So, as we get ready to honor the show’s incredible legacy with our exciting final chapter, I want to say thank you to our phenomenal cast, writers, producers, and crew over the years who helped make The Flash such an unforgettable experience for audiences around the world.”

The Flash Season 9: Is it going to be the last season of the CW series?

The Flash Season 9 Cast and Crew

The cast from the prior season is anticipated to return and carry the storyline into the final season. In addition, the network had not released any new casting announcements as of August 2, 2022. The list of the series’ prominent characters with their description is as follows:

  • Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash/Reverse-Flash
  • Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen
  • Danielle Panabaker as Dr. Caitlin Snow and Frost/Hellfrost
  • Danielle Nicolet as Defense Attorney Cecile Horton and Deathstorm
  • Kayla Compton as Allegra Garcia
  • Brandon McKnight as Chester P. Runk
  • Jesse L. Martin as Joe West

Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and the aforementioned Wallace created the TV series, while Greg Berlanti also acts as an executive producer via Berlanti Productions. The production company for the show is Warner Bros. Television.

The Flash Season 9: Is it going to be the last season of the CW series?

Where to stream The Flash Season 9?

When available, The Flash Season 9, along with the prior seasons, will be available to stream on the CW app or website sometime later when the episode is on-air broadcast on the channel. All the seasons of The Flash for viewers can also be watched on Netflix or FuboTV, allowing fans to watch new episodes based on location and membership plans, which they select based on their preferences.

Moreover, the series is also available to rent or buy on Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and Google Play. So, we recommend that you renew your membership plans and begin streaming the series to recollect the events from the previous seasons.

The Flash Season 9: Is it going to be the last season of the CW series?

The Flash Season 8: A Quick Recap

The eighth season opens with the five-part event “Armageddon,” in which Despero accuses Flash of running at a speed that would have destroyed the Earth from Despero’s perspective in the future. As Barry persuades Despero to give him seven days to disprove him, Despero begins to have memory loss and finds it difficult to recall wreaking havoc in Central City or how Joe West died six months before. This happened as a result of Thawne creating a Reverse-Flashpoint in which Barry became Reverse-Flash, and he became Flash. 

With the aid of Damien Darhk from the Reverse-Flashpoint universe, Barry is able to repair the timeline and stop Joe’s death. Thawne and Damien Dahrk were discovered to be still alive but fading away after Barry undid Reverse-Flashpoint. Thawne publicly pleads with Barry to intervene to prevent his timeline erasure. Barry finally decides to save Thawne by cutting off his link to the Negative Speed Force and his speed while also repelling Despero. Despite Thawne’s knowledge of what he’s done and his own declaration that he would continue assaulting Barry and Team Flash if he was let to live.

The Flash Season 9: Is it going to be the last season of the CW series?

The crew goes out to celebrate after capturing Thawne. Damien Darhk offers Joe his Time Stone with the expectation that Joe will soon require it. The genesis of Deathstorm was handled by the Flash. Frost is lost in the defeat of Deathstorm. The Flash also runs into Meena Dhawan, who has also developed superspeed thanks to a regenerated Thawne time remnant. Then, when the imprisoned Thawne perishes due to an infection of the Still Force brought on by negative tachyons, they deal with it. The Strength Force, the Sage Force, and the Still Force were also negatively altered by this virus.

Iris is sacrificed by the Negative Forces so that Thawne might be revived in the body of his temporal remnant. In addition to this, the network hadn’t released any trailers or teasers for The Flash Season 9 because it would be entirely too early for the network to do so after providing a renewal update or before the show’s production had even started. Meanwhile, check out this official trailer for Season 8 below:

The Flash Season 8 "Unknown" Trailer (HD)

Catch up on the previous seasons while you wait for more The Flash Season 9 updates.