The Flash Season 9 is happening; Details INSIDE

The Flash Season 9
Credits: The CW

DC has an impressive list of superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and more with powers like flight, superhuman durability, Pyro-kinesis, X-ray vision, immortality from natural causes of death, and many more. Then comes The Flash, a costumed superhero who fights off villains with his superhuman speed. The story follows Barry Allen, a crime scene investigator who gets superhuman speed due to a lab accident. 

The Flash Season 9
Credits: The CW

The story of The Flash took the form of a TV series and has 8 highly successful seasons to date. The Flash premiered in North America on October 7, 2014, and has been on air since then. Currently, the eighth season is on air which led the fans to speculate the possibility of any further installments.

So here’s everything to know about The Flash Season 9:

Will there be The Flash Season 9?

Though it was believed that the story of The Flash will be concluding by the end of the eighth season and even the contracts of the cast were made till that, The CW decided to bring another Chapter in Flash’s story, thereby renewing The Flash Season 9.

Mark Pedowitz, the chairman and CEO of The CW Network said in a statement that shows like these are vital to their strategies as they are one of the most-streamed stories, and adding more elements will further enhance their outreach. 

The Flash Season 9 Release Date

The Flash Season 9
Credits: The CW

The announcement of The Flash Season 9 has been made while the eighth season is currently airing. So, we can expect the next installment to take some time before hitting the screens. The earliest that can be expected is November 2022, after the current season gets wrapped up. 

The Flash Season 9 Expected Cast

There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the cast of the upcoming installment and several contracts need to be re-signed for it, so no one can really say who’s going to come back and who is not. 

However, in order to give a proper wrap to each character’s individual storylines, the following cast members are expected to hit the screens once again:

The Flash Season 9

  • Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen / The Flash / Reverse-Flash
  • Candice Patton playing Iris West-Allen
  • Danielle Panabaker plays Caitlin Snow and Frost
  • Danielle Nicolet playing Cecile Horton
  • Kayla Compton playing Allegra Garcia
  • Brandon McKnight playing Chester P. Runk
  • Jesse L. Martin playing Joe West

The Flash Season 8 Recap

**Spoilers alert**

The Flash Season 9
Credits: The CW

The eighth season of the series is currently on air and fans can’t be more excited as each episode shines light on new aspects, point-of-views, and possibilities in the Arrowverse. 

Season eigh starts off with the five-part event “Armageddon” (the Reverse Flashpoint creation) where Eobard Thawne is The Flash and Barry is Reverse- Flash which resulted in memory gaps in Barry’s head and he had no recollection of havoc he created in Central City. He couldn’t even remember Joe West’s death that took place six months ago.

Added to the mess, Despero shows up and accuses Flash of destroying Earth from his point but little did he know about Thawne’s shenanigans. Barry, with the help of Damien Darhk of Reverse-Flashpoint, restores the original timeline and prevents Joe from dying, because of which Thawne and Darhk started fading away. 

The Flash Season 9
Credits: The CW

Even after all the mess Thawne created, he has the audacity to ask Barry to save his life, and Barry being the hero saved him by stripping him of his powers. By the end of The Armageddon, Darhk gives Joe the time stone as he thought he would be needing it. 

The story will be continued in the upcoming episodes. 

What to expect from The Flash Season 9?

The eighth season is still on and so we can’t expect if it will leave the audience on a cliffhanger but with Thawne still alive, we can expect him to play more of his dirty little tricks. So, for now, there is no idea of how the storyline will move further however, there’s always room for character developments in series like The Flash. 

How many episodes are there in The Flash Season 8?

There are 10 episodes in The Flash Season 8 with the last two episodes scheduled to air on March 30, 2022, and April 6, 2022, respectively.

Where to watch The Flash?

The latest episodes of The Flash Season 8 are streaming on The CW. If you haven’t watched Episode 8 yet, here’s the promo.