The Idol Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

the idol season 2
Credits: HBO

We all tend to look up to our idols and imitate what they do. Their actions motivate and instigate us to take a particular direction. What if the same idols are indulging in actions that are deemed controversial? What happens when famous stars put their reputation at stake to get into acting and get involved in scandalous affairs of their acting?

One such show that was much awaited by the audiences and garnered attention for its explicit yet portrayal nature was ‘The Idol’ season one. This Weeknd starrer might look rosy on the outside, but it was in the news for various reasons. Nonetheless, the fans used the fame and gained a chance to shower love on the show; the question remains: Will The Idol season 2 be renewed or canceled? Read on to know more.

Is The Idol Season 2 renewed or canceled?

the idol
credit: HBO

The show has been canceled due to the negative feedback from the makers, the controversial nature of the show, and the way it pushes the audiences to think wrong about multiple aspects. The show is ideally supposed to be six episodes, as cut down to five, looking at the controversies involved. While the fans are sad their favorite show would not return for a season 2. The makers are happy as it saves them from chaos. The show got 19% approval on Rotten Tomatoes and got 913,000 views at the premiere, calculated at 17% less than Euphoria’s launch episode. The further episodes saw a greater decline.

Cast of the Idol season 2:

The Idol Teaser
Credits: HBO

As the show is canceled for season 2, here are the characters who were a part of season 1:

  • Lily Rose Depp-Jocelyn
  • The Weekend as Tedros
  • Jennie Kim as Dyanne
  • Troye Sivan as Xander
  • Rachel Sennott as Leia
  • Suzanna Son as Chloe
  • Hari Nef as Talia
  • Sophie Mudd as Sophie

Expected Plot of the Idol Season 2:

the idol 2
credit: HBO

Created by Sam Levinson, Abel Tesfaye, also popularly known as the Weeknd and Reza Fahim, focuses on a rising music pop idol named Jocelyn who is struggling with her relationship and a complex, toxic romance with Tedros played by the Weeknd, who is a shady nightclub owner, cult gang leader and a self-help mentor who wants to help her. The show became controversial due to the explicit scenes and the toxicity portrayed in a way too realistic manner, which the audience could not digest. The show would continue if renewed from the lost romance between the two characters and her music career.

Is there a trailer for The Idol season 2?

The Idol Season 1 Trailer

There is no trailer for season 2 since it’s officially canceled.

The show can be streamed on all platforms that support HBO shows to be streamed officially. Due to the controversial nature, there is a high chance HBO will go back on this step, and another platform can be selected.

HBO always came up with bold shows that questioned social evils like adultery, toxic relationships, and substance abuse, amongst many others. Shows like Euphoria have set a trademark in shows and have proved their worth; only time can tell if the Idol is given a chance at another season or a bold approach goes wasted. Only time can tell.