The Marked Heart Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in September

the marked heart season 2
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Read on to find out when is The Marked Heart Season 2 coming to Netflix.

Netflix’s The Marked Heart Season 1 seems to be quite a success, as within days after its release, Deadline confirmed the series is set to release its second season. The OTT platform also confirmed the news via various social media platforms. 

It’s no surprise that fans of the Colombian thriller are eager to learn when the second season will return to the streaming service, as many viewers binged the 14 episodes as soon as they were released.

The suspense novel is referred to as a “telenovela” and centers on a man seeking vengeance for the murder and organ trafficking of his wife.

Unfortunately, The Marked Heart Season 2 won’t be available on Netflix in September 2022, which will disappoint those who were wanting to start the Halloween season with it. Read below to know more about The Marked Heart Season 2

The Marked Heart Season 2
Credits: Netflix

The Marked Heart Season 2 release date

Netflix hasn’t announced any possible release date for the second season of The Marked Heart yet. However, multiple websites claim that The Marked Heart Season 2 will debut on April 19, 2023.

The date stated by the other websites is an approximation because Season 1 debuted on Netflix on April 20, 2022.  There is currently no official word on the status of The Marked Heart Season 2’s production, but if it starts filming in late 2022, the April release is quite likely to happen. Once the production gets underway, more details will become available regarding its release. 

The Marked Heart Season 2
Credits: Netflix

How did The Marked Heart Season 1 end?

In the end, Camila makes the decision to make a full-throated declaration. She divulges to Detective Rentera all the details regarding the heart she was given, as well as Zacaras’ involvement in the crime.

Tomás is spared from being shot by the group thanks to Simon. They work together to preserve Sam, whose organs are being removed, by following Mariachi. The doctor in charge of the organ harvesting operations is finally killed by Simon. In time to make the arrests, Detective Bracho arrives.

After killing a police officer in an unexpected turn of events, Detective Rentera releases the perpetrators and later claims to have been duped by them. The men from Mariachi stop at the restaurant looking for Sam. By using Detective Rentera’s family as leverage, the group is putting him under duress to comply with their requests. After learning that he was the one who shot the police officer, Detective Bracho makes the arrest.

The Marked Heart Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Camila informs Zacaras that she provided the police with her statement regarding the killing of Valeria. She denounced him to the police and cheated on him with Simon, thus Zacaras feels betrayed by her. Sarmiento should get rid of Simon, he begs. Greta learns from Zacaras that he intends to use Braulio’s presidency to his advantage in order to get out of this situation.

The elections are won by Braulio. He belittles Sarmiento by requesting that Zacaras expel him from the gathering.

Mariachi and his group are turned up to the police by Sarmiento. Zacaras turns over Sarmiento to the authorities since she thinks he was responsible for Camila’s demise.

Camila visits Símon to share her confession with him. They both concur that they no longer comprehend their feelings for one another. Camila speaks with Simon’s children and informs them honestly about their mother’s passing.

The Marked Heart Season 2
Credits: Netflix

After faking her death and assuming a new name, Camila flees the nation, telling only Simon and his children. Sarmiento sends Zacharias a brand-new Camila video that features the singer traveling to another nation.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Marked Heart Season 2.