The Masked Singer unmasks Diver: “I’m More Than My Mistakes”

The Masked Singer unmasks a controversial reality star: "I'm More Than My Mistakes"
Credit: FOX

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

As the wildly popular hit reality singing competition television series, The Masked Singer, entered its second week with “NFL Night,” the fans of the show were left stunned to discover that the show unmasked a controversial reality star, whose larger-than-life persona had both fascinated and polarized fans. In a jaw-dropping Wednesday episode, the reveal came with an emotional declaration by a contestant disguised as the Driver: 

“As a kid, I always wanted to be famous,” Diver said in his clue package, which showed high heels. “I modeled, I acted, and, of course, sang. I was always waiting to become a household name. I just didn’t know it was everyone hating me. But I’m here to show the world that I’m more than my mistakes. Being here already feels like a healing experience.” Diver added that “getting to share my talent instead of my drama is exactly what I needed.”

The swimmer covered “I Ain’t Worried” by OneRepublic, which caused Nicole Scherzinger, 45, to tell Diver, “You have talent!” For Diver’s additional clue, a fan popped up in the audience with their chest painted with a club. “I’m well-suited for the club,” Diver explained. “I know how to get the club going. What’s up?” The judges tossed out Pete Davidson and Pauly D as possibilities for Diver, and Jeong, 54, stuck with last week’s guess that Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval would turn out to be true! The 40-year-old is best known as the main villain on the Bravo series. 

After each of the celebrities in disguise gave a performance, emcee Nick Cannon asked the crowd to select their least favorite. The tension in the air was palpable as everyone eagerly awaited the outcome. It turned out that – Sandoval was the Diver, another one of Jeong’s predictions, which turned out to be accurate. “Ken was right!” exclaimed Cannon, 44. Jeong admitted, “I’m kind of starstruck right now!” McCarthy commended the 41-year-old reality star’s bravery in coming on The Masked Singer. She told Sandoval, “You were very vulnerable talking about, ‘You know what? A lot of people don’t like me.'”

If you don’t understand this reaction, it’s because recently, the controversial star has been known for their tumultuous past and highly publicized mistakes and has become a symbol of controversy and judgment. Following the revelation of his infidelity and breaking the heart of his girlfriend, Raquel Levis, of a nine-year affair who was his co-star, which was revealed back in March. However, this confession on the show brought forth a wave of empathy and understanding from viewers who were forced to confront their own biases and preconceived notions—at least, that is what most people think! 

We are certain that the upcoming episodes will also include major surprises for the viewers to guess about the contestants, as there is no doubt that this show has always been known for its ability to captivate audiences with its unique blend of mystery and entertainment. Week after week, viewers eagerly tune in to see which celebrities are hiding behind the elaborate costumes, waiting to be unmasked. 

So, if you want to catch up with the reality singing competition television series, then we urge the readers to check out the show on the FOX network. The Masked Singer is also available to stream exclusively on Hulu the next day, along with all the previous episodes and seasons. The hit series is part of the Masked Singer franchise, which began in South Korea, and features celebrities singing songs while wearing head-to-toe costumes and face masks concealing their identities. This week is “NFL Night”, which will premiere on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, at 8 p.m. on FOX. 

At last, the series will be followed by “2000s Night” next week on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, at the same time slot of 8 p.m. on FOX and Hulu.