5 Most introverted zodiac signs

Zodiac signs
Credits: Pexels, Pixabay

We know how different all people are from each other. We also know that most people can be classified into two categories when it comes to being introverts or extroverts. Introverts are the ones who don’t let their thoughts out and prefer staying within themselves whereas extroverts are the complete opposite as they love to socialize and be open about their thoughts.

But do you know that we can also know if a person is an introvert or an extrovert by looking at their zodiac signs? Here’s a list of the most introverted zodiac signs.

1. Aquarius

Zodiac signs

This sign is said to be the most introverted sign among all the zodiacs. They are said to be very quiet and anti-social and also prefer to stay within their own close circle rather than socializing with others. This sign is who we can call a true dreamer or someone who can just get lost in their own thoughts. Although they are very emotional they don’t like to be vocal about them. Aquarius males are even more introverted than Aquarius females and prefer to keep themselves detached from the people around them.

2. Pisces

Zodiac signs

Pisces is also a sign we can call another introvert zodiac sign. People with this sign are extremely introverted and are always in the need of their own alone space. They really need this alone time to find inspiration in life. They are often misunderstood as arrogant because of their this introverted side. They are extremely creative and need are often overflooded with their creative thoughts isolating them from others. So, if in a crowded party you see a person sitting alone in the corner and not indulging with others he/she most likely is a Pisces.

3. Taurus


Taureans are the most stubborn and do not at all like to be told what to do. They love to socialize but only from the outside because they have been hurt a lot before and now have no emotions to offer. They don’t prefer to show their vulnerable side to others as they know that they experience intense emotions and that would be very hard for others to handle. Therefore, they just prefer to stay inside their own head, detached from others, and start enjoying their own company with time.

4. Scorpio

zodiac signs

This water sign is also one of the most introverted signs. They have a mysterious aura and can go from being extremely excited about an event to going total MIA. They love to be around people with the same energy as their own. They are very sensitive and can get easily drained emotionally if they aren’t understood rightly. They are very low on trusting people and usually prefer keeping their secrets only to themselves. 

5. Cancer


This highly emotional zodiac sign loves to stay home and go social as minimum as possible. Cancerians are very friendly and bubbly but they need their own space at the end of the day for them to nurture their creative side. They are said to be a bit less introverted than the other above-mentioned signs because no matter how much they hate going out they just love to invite people into their home. Cancerians only open up to those whom they actually trust and respect so, if cancer doesn’t trust you accept that you have no shot of trying to know them.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.