The Night Agent Season 2 is not coming in October

The Night Agent Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in September 2023

Conspiracies, mysteries, and a whole lot of deciphering. Peter Sutherland will be back with Season 2 of The Night Agent. 

Will October mark its return? Keep reading to find out! 

We are not beating around the bush here.

Getting straight to the point, we can confirm that The Night Agent will not be reaching us in October of 2023. In fact, it is unrealistic to assume that the celebrated series will make a comeback at all in 2023. Why? There is one reason behind the delay, and it has to do with the WGA and SAG AFTRA strikes that plagued Hollywood and sent the most-anticipated seasons of the awaited series into an indefinite hiatus.

After 146 days of tireless striving, the storm cleared out on 27 September 2023, when the Writer’s Guild of America reached a fair deal with the AMPTP, thereby ending the strike. Nevertheless, SAG AFTRA is still on the loose, fighting for their rights with the AMPTP over fair wages and better protection against the dangers of artificial intelligence. So, the crucial question lingers: What is the current status of production of The Night Agent Season 2, and when is it expected to arrive on Netflix, if not in October?

We have narrowed it down for you below, so stay tuned.

The Night Agent Season 2 Status: What Is The Current Production Update?

After the end of the WGA strike, ardent Night Agent fans went rogue all over the internet, searching for clues on whether the script writing has commenced and if the writer’s room has already met over the plotlines to expand on for the next season. Answering some of our burning questions, the account What’s On Netflix shared an update saying that the Night Agent season 2 scripts were “halfway complete” before the 2023 writers strike and have been in progress again since early October. Creator Shawn Ryan shared the post with his own line to confirm if the rumor was true. Check out the post below:

While not every hiatus sentenced series has been back in the writer’s room, Shawn Ryan has confirmed that The Night Agent has been making leaps and bounds since October. Given the recent developments, when can we expect Season 2 to reach us? Here is our prediction.

The Night Agent Season 2 Arrival: Netflix Confirmed 2024

The Night Agent Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in September 2023

In May 2023, Ryan tweeted a picture of himself from the picket line of the WGA strike. He mentioned The Night Agent in the caption and suggested that the writers’ room for The Night Agent season 2 would be on hold until the strike is over. More recently, on Aug. 9, Ryan shared another photo from the picket line outside of Netflix Studios. In his caption, he commemorated the 100th day of the writers’ strike, also telling his fans that he’d rather be out making The Night Agent season 2. But of course, until the AMPTP comes around and agrees to the writers’ terms, he can’t do that.

On July 10, the show’s creator revealed that The Night Agent season 2 would be in production in August 2023 had the AMPTP made a deal with the WGA to avoid the writers’ strike. Ryan tweeted a picture of himself picketing outside Netflix headquarters in July 2023 that he shared with his fans. So when will this horrid and lengthy strike end? When the AMPTP meets the demands of the WGA and SAG AFTRA. In recent unsettling news, Deadline reported that the studios plan to wait until the writers are losing their homes and apartments before coming back to negotiate a new deal.

“The endgame is to allow things to drag on until union members start losing their apartments and losing their houses.” The AMPTP is not interested in meeting the unions’ demands and would rather watch them run through their savings. So, it looks like the strike will be here to stay, at least for September. So, can we expect a potential release date for the new season?

We already know from Netflix’s confirmation that the new Season of The Night Agent will reach us in 2024. What we don’t know is when. With the SAG AFTRA still continuing their protest, we can expect a late 2024 release of the new Season, preferably by the fall of 2024. If the protests carry forward to the end of the year, an early 2025 arrival seems more reasonable. We want to bring to your notice that these are only speculations, predictions, and guesswork at this point. We can only get a confirmed update on the same once the strike situation simmers down.

The Night Agent Season 2 Plot: Revelations On The Upcoming Season

The Night Agent Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in September 2023

Luckily, Shawn Ryan also told Netflix Tudum about what ideas are already cooking for his hero, Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso). Shawn Ryan tells Netflix Tudum that Peter Sutherland ends Season 1 asking himself big questions like: “What have I got myself into?” and “What does Peter’s new job mean for the couple?” “That’s one of the big questions we’d love to answer in Season 2,” says Ryan. Further adding, “What does Peter getting on this plane and going somewhere (presumably overseas to enter into some new wild adventure) mean, with Rose going back to California to try to pursue her Silicon Valley dreams again? We certainly have some initial ideas.”

Additionally, Buchanan also has some predictions for what her character’s destiny might entail. As the New Zealand-born actor agrees, Rose would love to pursue her tech goals again. “I really hope that she continues on her journey,” says Buchanan. Also added, “[The ending] leaves it really open-ended… I also want closure for her, I’m like, ‘This girl needs a lot of therapy after everything she’s been through.’” Moreover, the report mentioned the disgraced presidential chief of staff Diane Farr survives a gunshot wound in the finale, and nefarious mogul Gordon Wick slithers away from consequences.

“We liked the idea that this wasn’t so clean,” Ryan says of Wick’s escape. “That there is one person who, because of his resources and everything, is able to slink away. Maybe we’ll deal with him again in some way.” Peter certainly still has his eyes on Farr. “Due to his belief in due process, he’s not going to be bummed she’s alive,” Basso concedes. The report further added, “But if Farr eludes justice, he’ll be a little more wary of Travers. To be a traitor and not receive justice is not okay with Peter.”

The Night Agent Season 2 Episode Count: Confirmed By Netflix

The Night Agent Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in September 2023

Netflix revealed that the upcoming season is expected to have a total of 10 episodes with an average runtime of 45 to 56 minutes, just like the prior season, in order to remain consistent. On the other hand, the episode titles and synopsis of the series have not been released yet.

The network will publish those details when the episodes are due to air on the streaming service. So, we would advise fans to be patient and binge-watch the recently released first season to recall the events. You can catch Season 1 of The Night Agent only on Netflix, provided you have a subscription for the same.

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