The Old Guard 2: Everything we know so far

The Old Guard 2
Credits: Netflix

Waiting for the sequel to The Old Guard? Read on to find the latest updates on The Old Guard Season 2.

The Old Guard is a superhero drama film that revolves around a group of mercenaries, who are all centuries-old immortals and have the ability to heal themselves. These four undying warriors have secretly protected humanity for ages, but now, they are being targeted for their powers just as they find a new immortal member. Andy is the eldest member of the group, which has 3 other members, Booker, Joe, and Nicky. The movie has received positive reviews from critics for the action sequences and the characters’ brilliant performances.

The film was released on July 10, 2020, on Netflix and became the top-streamed item on the site over its first weekend. Netflix also reported that the film was among the top 10 most-successful original launches in the platform’s history. Fans of the action-drama movie are eagerly waiting for the sequel of the movie which is said to be in the pre-production stage.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Old Guard 2.

The Old Guard 2

Is there a release date for The Old Guard 2 yet?

No, there’s no official release date for The Old Guard 2 as of now. But we know that the movie has begun filming as Director Victoria Mahoney recently took to social media to share the news with a picture from the set.

Check out the post below:

If we were to predict a release date, we expect the sequel to arrive sometime in July 2023 as the July slot worked so well for the first movie and made it one of the most-watched Netflix movies ever.

The sequel for the movie was confirmed back in August 2021 and Prince-Bythewood, the producer told Deadline, “I leave our franchise in good hands as my girl Vic Mahoney takes on this next chapter,”

The Old Guard 2 Plot

In the credit scene of the first movie, we saw Booker in Paris six months after he’s been released from the team due to his betrayal and when he enters his place, he is greeted by Quynh, who has miraculously escaped from the bottom of the ocean. She tells him, “It’s nice to finally meet you,” but it’s yet to be revealed if she’s out for revenge or she just wants to get back with Andy.

The Old Guard 2

Another major reveal that will have implications for the sequel is the fact that Andy is no longer an immortal. She finds this when a stab wound from a fight in church doesn’t heal. So, now she will be on her own in every battle, and she believes that the massive change is because of Nile’s arrival. In the sequel, we expect to see more depth into the immortality aspect of the characters and how each member of the old guard was chosen to be immortal.

The Old Guard 2

The Old Guard 2 Cast

We expect the main cast to return for the sequel, including:

Charlize Theron as Andy

KiKi Layne as Nile

Matthias Schoenaerts as Booker

Marwan Kenzari as Joe

Luca Marinelli as Nicky

Uma Thurman and Henry Golding are joining the cast for The Old Guard 2. We don’t know what will be their respective roles but we know for sure that they’re going to be a brilliant addition to the team as both of them are familiar with the type of fantastical over-the-top action the Old Guard series offer. Golding played the role of G.I. Joe fan-favorite Snake Eyes in 2021, while Thurman played The Bride in both parts of Quentin Tarantino’s revenge saga Kill Bill.

The Old Guard 2

Where to watch The Old Guard?

The Old Guard is available to watch on Netflix.