The Old Guard 2: What we know so far

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The Old Guard 2 is a sequel to the movie The Old Guard, as the title suggests. The Old Guard came to Netflix in July 2020 and has since been a hit, which is why the sequel was produced. The story involves Andromanche of Scythia, also referred to as Andy, played by Charlize Theron, and her group of immortal mercenaries.

The Old Guard 2: When is it going to release?

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There has been no official announcement regarding the release date of the famous franchise, but as far as the news spreads, the cameras are rolling as they have begun shooting this sequel, which is expected to be released in 2023.

The Old Guard 2: What can we expect?

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The finale of The Old Guard was more of a cliffhanger, and it’s expected that the sequel picks up after Booker’s betrayal to the group and him getting exiled for a century only to discover his love of Quynh, who survived from the bottom of the ocean, in his house.

Quynh’s intentions are still unclear; whether she wants revenge or love is still left to be disclosed by the writers. As we know, the movie is an adaptation of Greg Rucka’s Old Guard comic book, and the sequel to the book has already been published. The sequel by Rucka is named Force Multiplied, which gives us several hints about The Old Guard 2.

It has been revealed from the comic that Andy is no longer immortal, and the fans are teased by the fact that the comic reveals that Quynh has been made immortal to punish humanity instead of protecting it and that she wants Andy on her crew as a participant and her lover, but to her surprise, Andy’s wound from an earlier church fight doesn’t heal, hence proving her mortality and making her vulnerable with every battle.

The Old Guard 2: Who are the returning cast?

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As this is a sequel, it is expected that all the major cast members will return for the sequel. Charlize Theron as Andy, Kiki Layne as Nile, Matthias Schoenaerts as Booker, Marwan Kenzari as Joe, and Luca Marinelli as Nicky
Two new cast members have joined the sequel, namely, Uma Thurman and Henry Golding.

The Old Guard 2: Where can we watch the trailer?

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Even though the filming of the movie has allegedly finished, there has been no release of any official footage or teaser.

The fans have been anticipating the release of the sequel shortly after the first Old Guard got popular in July 2020, and it’s speculated to be released by July 2023. As the month is coming closer, Netflix can be releasing teasers and trailers, so stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there going to be a sequel to The Old Guard?

It has been confirmed by the sources that filming of the sequel to The Old Guard has started and will soon premiere on Netflix.

Who is directing The Old Guard 2?

The film is directed by Victoria Mahoney, and the screenplay is based on the comic book by Greg Rucka.

Will The Old Guard 2 be released in theaters or on Netflix?

It has not been confirmed yet whether the film will be available in theaters or on Netflix. Although the first film, The Old Guard, was released on Netflix.

Will there be new characters introduced in The Old Guard 2?

There has not been any confirmation regarding cast members or new character introductions, although since it’s a sequel, we can expect the addition of characters in order to keep the story interesting.

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