The Prank Panel Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

The Prank Panel Season 2
Credits: ABC

How it used to be to have someone keep a fake insect on your bench or give you an anonymous call? How would it feel to do that to someone else where people would call you a ‘prankster’? Pranks, also known as practical jokes, by definition, are mysterious tricks one plays on someone, typically causing the victim to cause embarrassment or a state of discomfort.

This is usually that one kid from your group playing jokes on the one who is submissive and calm to see their reaction. Well, remember those short ’30 second fails’ videos or the elaborate prank videos one finds on Youtube by the title ‘Fake Restaurant Employee Prank’? What if someone gave you an opportunity to showcase your skills on how to plot and match a perfect prank and add variety to it?

Could you have imagined that being a prankster could land you fame and money? How would it feel to have a panel of expert ‘pranksters’ who would help you showcase your planning, plotting, and execution skills and sometimes give you a few celebrity guests to have fun with?

The Prank Panel is an ABC original that premiered on May 24, 2023, in the USA. It is an ITV America and Kimmelot production that got a 6.3/10 IMDb rating and 75% Google critic reviews. With an interesting concept and behind-the-scenes idea of learning pranks, fans want to know if the show is returning for a second season. Well, is the Prank Panel canceled or renewed? Let us find out all about the renewal status and more.

The Prank Panel Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Introducing "The Prank Panel" - The Prank Panel

As of September 25, 2023, the show has neither been renewed nor canceled. The reasons can be plenty. With the recent ending of the first season in September, it is hard to renew a show that quickly without seeing the viewership responses. As the show has a smart Game show-pitching concept like Shark Tank and comedy elements like Impractical Jokers, the show has a low budget and can be used by ABC to fill elements in their schedule when they want something light and impactful.

That being said, one cannot be fully sure of a second season as the Writer’s Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes are in full swing with no negotiation from the AMTMP yet. In such a scenario where ABC is altering lineups and putting important shows on hold, would something like this return, especially after less than 2 million live viewers a week? This show is unscripted and free-flowing, but that does not imply that the numbers can be ignored.

The Prank Panel Season 2

However, with the other shows streaming on ABC, these numbers are fair. The show received a 0.28 rating out of the 18-49 age group and an average of 1.87 Million live user views, which shows the low ratings on the show. However, with ABC’s mixed History, sometimes even the lower-rated ones get another shot.

With eight episodes, and the last one streaming on September 21, 2023-the show is available to stream on ABC Network’s official channels and website. It has a cast that includes Gadbourey Sidibe, Eric Andre, Johnny Knoxville, Pramod Kumar, Teeshay, and more.

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