The Principles of Pleasure: Is it renewed by Netflix for another season?

The Principles of Pleasure Season 2 Release Date
Credits: NETFLIX

“Pleasure is not NICE to have, it’s a NEED to have.” 

Pleasure, more like sexual pleasure has always been a taboo in our society. It’s always been a hushed topic and can only be discussed in private, inside a bedroom. The sad fact is we live in a world where a huge percentage of the female population is unable to identify if they had an orgasm after sex. What might be the reason for this?

It’s because of the lack of sex education that is given to teenagers and adults. Girls believe what they see on the Internet or hear from their friends, the question remains about how reliable their sources are and we all know that when it comes to sexual pleasures, you know your body better than any other person. Sexual pleasure is the best expression of self-love.

The Principles of Pleasure addressed the very same issue of how it’s important to know your body better. It dealt with sex and most importantly orgasm. It made an open environment to talk about sexual pleasures and a way for all the women out there to encourage a better and more comfortable relationship with their bodies. The discussions shift from understanding the anatomy of female bodies to even an emotional connection with their bodies. 

So, if you have already seen the first season and are wondering about The Principles of Pleasure Season 2, here is what we know so far.

Will there be The Principles of Pleasure Season 2?


The Principles of Pleasure Season 2
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It’s too early to ask for one given the fact that Season 1 was released only recently on March 22, 2022. And as of now, there’s been no official announcement for The Principles of Pleasure Season 2 renewal or cancelation. And we might have to wait for a few weeks, at least, to get any clue of what the future holds for this series. That said since this show was released as a miniseries/documentary so there are more chances of Season 2 being a no-go.

But regardless, this is time for all the women out there to finally embrace their desires without any fear no matter if we get to see The Principles of Pleasure Season 2 or not.  

Where to watch The Principles of Pleasure?

The Principles of Pleasure is available on Netflix.

The Principles of Pleasure Release Date
Credits: NETFLIX

What is the concept of The Principles of Pleasure?

Season 1 has created a huge buzz among the viewers and has helped bridge the orgasm gap. It led to open discussions by many women who shared their real-life stories and struggles related to sex education and exploring their bodies. 

Women themselves feel they are complicated and that sex for them is supposed to be painful, not pleasurable. They think sex toys can take you to hell and deem you ‘characterless’ or feeling yourself can be the worst sin to commit. While few do it behind closed doors, some are bold enough to face it and here there were women from various walks of life whether artists or corporate, but all who came together to do the so-called ‘sin’. They spoke about orgasms, masturbation, porn, and everything that society considers awkward.

The Principles of Pleasure Season 2
Credits: NETFLIX

Most women are scared to admit out loud that they are afraid to discover their desires or express their emotions about sex and a social concept called virginity, the whole stigma around purity and impurity that society has come up with. 

It’s important for all the girls out there to have a safe environment in which they can discover themselves and their pleasure points. At the same time, it is also important for them to be properly educated about such things outside their basic curriculum of education. 

Season 1 has reflected and highlighted these exact points. 

What made this season special?

It was the tone that the speaker and the hosts had used, approachable and warm. This made the viewers feel comfortable and safe and reflect on the orgasm gap, the unrealistic beauty standards set by society that affect how we perceive our bodies which lead to many insecurities. The basic message that every woman has a right to sexual pleasure and should love her body is what made this show special. And to add to all of it, “Knowing where the clitoris is KNOWLEDGE and knowing where YOUR clitoris is POWER.” This line from the show says it all. 

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