The Snow Girl Season 2: Will we get to see another season?

The Snow Girl: Will we get to see another season?
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Is The Snow Girl Season 2 happening? Read on to find out.

A mystery thriller Spanish television series based on the novel by Javier Castillo, The Snow Girl season one was released on Netflix on January 27, 2023, and is already being loved by the audience.

The Snow Girl revolves around the disappearance of a young girl after she attends a parade with her parents in Spain. The Spanish show has just six episodes, making it an easy-to-binge-watch series.

If you have already watched all the episodes of season one, you may have found that the ending leaves a few unanswered questions. This sets up the possibility for another season of the series. So we have tried finding out for you if The Snow Girl season 2 will happen or not.

Watch the trailer of The Snow Girl season 1 below.

The Snow Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Is The Snow Girl season 2 happening?

As per the information received at the time of writing, The Snow Girl has neither been formally renewed nor canceled by Netflix yet. Usually, it’s hard to predict whether international shows will get renewals or not, but based on the way the first season of The Snow Girl has concluded, it is quite evident that the makers may have plans for at least one more season. That is also logical because the drama is based on a book series and there are two books in the series, that are out right now. Therefore, for now, it is too early to say whether the series would be renewed for season 2 or not.

The Snow Girl: Will we get to see another season?

What is the plot of The Snow Girl?

The plot of The Snow Girl follows intern journalist Miren, who sets out to find the whereabouts of a missing girl Amaya Martín, who had disappeared during the 2010 Cavalcade of Magi in Málaga. Helped by veteran journalist Eduardo, Miren carries out an investigation that is parallel to the one conducted by inspector Belén Millán.

The Snow Girl: Will we get to see another season?

What can we expect from The Snow Girl Season 2?

According to Netflix Life, The Snow Girl season 1 finale episode ends with Miren receiving another envelope, which this time contains a polaroid photo of a young girl tied up in what appears to be a trunk. A girl’s name and the years she had disappeared are listed in the caption, indicating that the girl in the picture is missing, just like Amaya was. It is also similar to how the second book in Javier Castillo’s series begins.

Apart from the mystery of the girl in the picture, The Snow Girl’s next season could also follow up on Miren’s rape. Remember, she doesn’t find her assailants in the first season, but that’s something she could continue to pursue in season 2.

The Snow Girl: Will we get to see another season?

Who are the cast members of The Snow Girl?

The first season of the series featured the following cast members:

Milena Smit as Miren Rojo

José Coronado as Eduardo

Aixa Villagrán as Belén Millán

Tristán Ulloa as David Luque

Loreto Mauleón as Ana Núñez

Julián Villagrán

Raúl Prieto

Cecilia Freire