‘The Tourist’ renewed for Season 2 on BBC

'The Tourist' has been renewed for Season 2 on BBC
Credit: BBC

When will the new season premiere? Here is everything we know so far about The Tourist Season 2.

If you’re looking for something new to watch that includes a lot of thriller drama, we recommend “The Tourist,” which stars Jamie Dornan as a car crash victim who wakes up in a hospital with amnesia. It’s not just this season, as the story will continue because the BBC network has officially greenlit a second season, which isn’t surprising given that the overall reception so far has been incredible so far! 

The show received a weighted average score of 81 out of 100 based on 11 critics on Metacritic, indicating “universal acclaim.” Additionally, Rotten Tomatoes reported a 97% approval rating based on 31 reviews, with an average rating of 7.60/10. The critics particularly praised Dornan’s and Macdonald’s performances. After all this good news, we would also like to highlight that the prospective premiere date for the second season has yet to be acknowledged.

But if we have to predict the potential release date of The Tourist Season 2, it might premiere sometime around late 2023 or early 2024 at the same time slot of 9 p.m. only if the production starts on a proper schedule. So, at this point in time, this is just speculation! Until there is any formal confirmation, we would suggest that the fans keep a close eye on the social media handles of the network to learn about any new updates and developments. 

'The Tourist' has been renewed for Season 2 on BBC

The Tourist Season 2: What to expect?

The plot of the series is expected to continue from the first season’s finale episode, which answered the biggest question that fans have been asking, “Will the truth about The Man’s identity finally be revealed?” It is safe to say that the series will explore the aftermath of the events that these characters have gone through in the previous episodes to create a theme for its next chapter.

The first season’s writers, Jack and Harry Williams, also hinted that it’s finally time for Elliot to rediscover his roots after a car accident that left him with severe memory loss, the pair find themselves dragged into the dangerous whirlwind of his past life. While Elliot battles his own demons, Helen is left to piece together a larger puzzle, forcing them both to confront old and new enemies.

“Series two of The Tourist will surprise and delight viewers in the same way that the first did so successfully. With comedy embedded throughout the dark and thrilling narrative, we’re sure this series will continue to appeal to a wide audience and are excited to explore that in a different setting,” said Two Brothers’ execs Sarah Hammond and Daniel Walker.

The main star cast is all set to reprise their roles in the new season which includes Jamie Dornan as The Man/Elliot Stanley, and Danielle Macdonald as Probationary Constable Helen Chambers. On the other hand, some new characters might also be introduced which will be revealed in the coming months. The Tourist Season 2 is a Two Brothers Pictures production for the BBC, in association with Stan and ZDF. 

'The Tourist' has been renewed for Season 2 on BBC

The Tourist Season 2 Episodes and Streaming Options

The exact count has yet to be announced, but we can expect at least six episodes, just like the previous season, to keep the plotlines consistent. This is subject to change if the creators have more to say about the season, which will be confirmed later. Hence, we request viewers to be patient and watch the first season. It showcases that after being run off the road, a man wakes up in an Australian hospital with amnesia. 

A single clue starts him along a frantic journey to remember who he is and why someone wants him dead. In the small town of Burnt Ridge, any news is big news, and not everyone can be trusted. Shifting alliances, uncertain connections, and dark truths lurk just within reach, as the harsh conditions of the Australian outback set the stage for a painful reckoning. 

Take a look at the episode guide for season one, which can be streamed on BBC One, Stan, HBO Max, and Prime Video among others based on viewer’s location:

Episode 1:When a man wakes up in the Australian outback with no memory, he must use the few clues he has to discover his identity before his past catches up with him.

Episode 2: With a tenacious cop on their tails, the man and Luci race to find the mystery caller; Helen makes inroads in her investigation but finds herself held back.

Episode 3: The Man is left reeling from the new discoveries about his past, but his progress is thrown off-course when confronted by a mysterious and very dangerous threat.

Episode 4: With nowhere else to turn, The Man is forced to use Helen to ensure he stays alive long enough to discover who he is. Lachlan has a renewed urgency to find his suspect.

Episode 5: Figures from his past converge and The Man goes on an unsettling mental journey, where he comes face to face with an old acquaintance.

Episode 6: When the situation spirals dangerously out of control, The Man (Jamie Dornan) and Luci must scramble for safety.

Catch up on the previous season and let us know what you think of The Tourist being renewed for Season 2 in the comments.