The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Release date, trailer, plot, and more updates

The Umbrella Academy Season 3
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The Umbrella Academy is an American superhero series that is based on the comic book series of the same name and created by Steve Blackman and developed by Jeremy Slater. The series follows the life of a family of adopted siblings who reunite after years to crack the mystery of their father’s death and to solve the issue of an imminent apocalypse.

The series starts with the past scenes in which it is revealed that in 1989, 43 women give birth simultaneously despite not showing any signs of pregnancy. Seven of these kids are adopted by a billionaire and he turns them into a superhero team, The Umbrella Academy. The first season revolves around these siblings who find that their father has deceased and reunite to punish the culprit, all while dealing with the threat of an apocalypse.

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The first season of the series premiered on February 15, 2019, and became one of the most-streamed series of the year. The second season was released on July 31, 2020, and received positive reviews from critics. Fans are now waiting for the third season which was renewed in November 2020 to find out how the mysteries will unfold after the events of Season 2.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Umbrella Academy Season 3.

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The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Release Date

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 will arrive on Netflix on June 22.

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Is there a trailer for The Umbrella Academy Season 3?

Yes, recently, Netflix has released a trailer for The Umbrella Academy Season 3 and it looks every bit of amazing as the previous seasons were. The trailer reveals the umbrellas going to their home and are greeted by Sir Reginald and the Sparrows. It means that now they are trapped in a timeline where Sir Reginald never adopted them. Now, they have to find a way to work with the sparrows but since they are not ready to compromise, this leads to chaos and a fight full of wacky superpowers. The show was already a masterpiece but the trailer for Season 3 is taking us on some really wild rides.

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The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Plot

The synopsis for Season 3 reads as follows:

The Umbrella Academy Season 3
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After putting a stop to 1963’s doomsday, the Umbrella Academy return home to the present, convinced they prevented the initial apocalypse and fixed this godforsaken timeline once and for all. But after a brief moment of celebration, they realize things aren’t exactly (okay, not at all) how they left them. Enter the Sparrow Academy. Smart, stylish, and about as warm as a sea of icebergs, the Sparrows immediately clash with the Umbrellas in a violent face-off that turns out to be the least of everyone’s concerns.

Navigating challenges, losses, and surprises of their own – and dealing with an unidentified destructive entity wreaking havoc in the Universe (something they may have caused) — now all they need to do is convince Dad’s new and possibly better family to help them put right what their arrival made wrong. Will they find a way back to their pre-apocalyptic lives? Or is this new world about to reveal more than just a hiccup in the timeline?

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The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Cast

The third season will bring back some major characters from Season 2 including:

Tom Hopper as Luther

David Castañeda as Diego

Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison

Robert Sheehan as Klaus

Aidan Gallagher as Five

Elliot Page as Viktor

Justin H. Min as Ben

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There will be some new characters as well including Justin Cornwell, Britne Oldford, Jake Epstein, Genesis Rodriguez, Cazzie David, and Javon Walton.

How many episodes will be there in The Umbrella Academy Season 3?

There will be 10 episodes in The Umbrella Academy Season 3 and showrunner Steve Blackman and Netflix have already announced every episode title. They’re titled, “Meet the Family,” “World’s Biggest Ball of Twine,” “Pocket Full of Lightning,” “Kugelblitz,” “Kindest Cut,” “Marigold,” “Auf Wiedersehen,” “Wedding at the End of the World,” “Six Bells,” and “Oblivion.”

Where to watch The Umbrella Academy?

The Umbrella Academy Season 1-2 are available to watch on Netflix.