The Uncanny Counter Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

the uncanny counter season 3
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Will the Counters team up for another demon fight? 

Will Hwan Pil Gway return from the underbelly of hell? 

Can we hope for a Mun-Hana romance chapter? 

There are innumerable pivotal questions that need to be answered in Season 3 of The Uncanny Counter. But is it happening? Unfortunately, we currently do not have an affirmative unanimous poll on that since neither Netflix nor tvN has spilled the beans over the supposed arrival of The Uncanny Counter Season 3.

What we can do is juggle the consequences and pick up clues following recent interviews, remarks, and webtoon references to clarify whether the Korean survival drama will return for an additional season. A little deciphering and decoding might lead us to an amplified definitive resolution to this uncertain possibility.

Off the bat, ardent fans of the K-drama series have been taking to their Twitter and Instagram accounts and bombarding the official series’ comment section with pleas for a Season 3 renewal. The thunderous reception of the first two seasons of the webtoon-inspired series, Season 2 of which clocked in 160 million views since its arrival, has ignited flames of hope in the viewers who wish to add more to the somewhat conclusive ending in the finale episode of The Uncanny Counter Season 2.

Even though the conclusive scene of the final episode made it abundantly clear that the Counters are indeed bidding goodbye to the audience, followed by a six-month time jump, die-hard fans of the series have still managed to decipher a few gestures and took them as prompts for a new Season arrival. Let us dive deep into the reasons we believe that the titular K-drama will make a return in the form of a Season 3.

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The Uncanny Counter Season 3 Renewal Status: Reasons Why We Can Expect Its Return

Given that clues need to be picked up in the story to find plot pockets that can be entered in a potential future season, we need to revisit the final season of the series, so there may be spoilers ahead.

Firstly, fans found a loophole in the final scene where the Counters completed their demon-slaying task and huddled around the camera, giving us a sky-ward POV, bidding goodbye to the viewers with Mun back with the team. Their final scene get-up was distinctively separate from all the previous episodes.

Instead of their trademark red sweats, they donned handsome back suits, much like they were attending a black-and-white-tie event. Fans took it as an indication of a future look while they continue fighting demons in a future Season. Clearly, they were not convinced about the farewell from the team in the final scene and are expecting more upcoming Seasons.

There is also the possibility of Hwan Pil Gwan’s return from the pits of hell or even newer evil lurkers twice as powerful as Gwan. As the Counters cumbersomely put down Hwan, he does something ‘uncanny.’He willingly surrenders himself to the bowels of fiery hell, indicating that his task is not yet complete. That gives us a massive loose end that only a future season can tie up. Does this point to a possible budding of a new season? Who can tell until a formal confirmation is sent our way?

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Another storyline that felt incomplete was the fan-shipped bond between Mun and Hana. Season 1 begins with Mun’s unrequited crush on Hana, which results in an impasse where Hana brushes it off at every turn, not signaling an opportunity for Mun to proceed with his pursuit. However, there was a moment when she pretended to be his girlfriend in front of his deceased parents as an act of goodwill. Thereafter, Season 2 witnessed their hopeful romance switch to a more brother-sister bond, leaving hopes of any kindled romance obliterated. The real-life actor who plays Mun said in an interview,

“Obviously you can believe that statement from Mo Tak that love exists on a battlefield, but I think So Mun is someone whose calling to defeat demons is too great. That’s why, realistically, I am not sure a relationship would arise,” 

A catalyst that added to this demeanor was the arrival of Hana’s first love, Do Hwi, which seemed more like destiny, although it didn’t last long. However, after the six-month time jump in the finale, Hana bumps into Do Hwi again, and there is an instant spark (even though she was compelled to take his memories of her away after he was harmed by a demon). So the ending to their story seems unresolved, signaling a conclusive end, maybe in a third season?  In other news, Mun seemed to discover sparks with a woman named Jade from his worldwide travels in Germany, who also happened to be Wee Jen’s daughter. Mun and Jade’s love story remains unfinished, so maybe a potential Season 3 can take this plot forward?

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Another solid indicator for Season 3 to hit our screens was this remark made by a cast member. Some of the cast asked fans to continue loving the K-drama for as long as possible. The Uncanny Counter actor Yeom Hye-ran thanked the staff, her co-stars, and fans for the amazing journey and teased: “I’ll see you again in Season 3!” 

The Uncanny Counter: Season 2 | Official Clip | Netflix [ENG SUB]

However, let’s not conclude anything just yet. If there is, in fact, a renewal due, Netflix will get right to it.

The Uncanny Counter Season 3: Reasons Why It Won’t Be Happening

Moving on to the clues picked up that Season 3 won’t be on the books at all, firstly, we have the cultural fact that K-dramas are not reinstated after they complete one season and do not usually extend 16 episodes. For The Uncanny Counter to bag a season revival was praise-worthy itself since it broke the cardinal 16-episode and 1-season rule. Hence, it may be a strong indication that Season 3 will not be revived.

Secondly, a strong signal was put forth through the story itself, given that all loose ends were tied up by the end of Season 2. The Counters were successful, albeit arguably, in suppressing and ridding demons, sending them to hell. Mun embarked on a worldwide tour, imparting his counter knowledge to others around the world, while other storylines came to a close as well, as shown in the final minutes where we view a 6-month time jump. The Counters strike demons one last time and huddle around the camera to bid goodbye to the viewers. While ardent fans were quick to deep-interpret this for the start of another timeline, it may have simply been a series closer.

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A third and rock-solid indication is the webtoon itself that inspired Uncanny Counter. It is a webtoon by Zhong Yi named “Amazing Rumor,” which almost mirrors the events shown in the series. According to the Season 2 finale of the webtoon, Mun goes international, and the group huddles to say goodbye. Thereafter, no mentions of a Season 3 to the webtoon have been uttered, thereby sealing our doubts of a renewal.

According to Soompi, the cast had some emotional words during the last day of filming. Kim Se-jeong (who played Ha-na) said: “At first, it didn’t quite sink in, but we really did a lot and so much time has passed. During the seven months we spent together, it was comforting because we shared both the tough and happy times. Thank you so much for loving The Uncanny Counter 2.” That seems conclusive!

However, we have some exciting news for you!

A Prequel To Uncanny Counter Released In 2023

uncanny counter seaspm

The same creator released a webtoon, which is a prequel to The Uncanny Counter, that traces the origins of the very first counters. A few episodes have already been released, emphasizing the story of Jang Mul and his intriguing brush with death, realizations, and finally culminating into the first-ever Counter.

We will surely notify you when the series is available and where you can watch it. In other news, you can catch The Uncanny Counter Season 1 and 2 on Netflix! Meanwhile, we urge the viewers to remain patient and await a renewal announcement from Netflix. Otherwise, we will inform you if there is no scope for renewal at all. Meanwhile, check out the official trailer for The Uncanny Counter Season 2 instead:

The Uncanny Counter: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

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