The Vampire Diaries: All main characters ranked from least to most evil

The Vampire Diaries

The American Teen series, The Vampire Diaries, made people a fan of these vicious entities. So much so, that people started crushing over some characters. The show boasts of enormous popularity, even today. Be it the love, friendship, or the sacrifices people loved every bit of the show.

If you are a true fan of The Vampire Diaries, you must know that the show started with a few vampires but with time Mystic Falls became a hub of the vampires. However, not all was bad in Mystic Falls. But the residents only saw the chaos and not the good deeds of some of the vampires. The show is full of evil vampires, but which one is the evilest?

8 Alaric Saltzman

The Vampire Diaries

The most dignified of the vampires, Alaric didn’t have any dreadful intentions. He was considered as the father figure in the whole show. He came to Mystic Falls to take revenge on Damon because he thought he killed his wife. Later in the show, he shared a bromance with Damon. Alaric was a vampire hunter at the beginning but was later turned into an original vampire. When Alaric was converted into an original vampire, he started having good intentions and helped his friends. This proves that he wasn’t evil at all, or was the least evil vampire of the show.

7 Caroline Forbes

The Vampire Diaries

Caroline, who plays the most significant character in the show, started as a cheerleader in a high school and was jealous of Elena but she later changed in the show. She was the most liked character. Caroline was also converted into a vampire, however, she continued to have humanity for most of the part but when her mother rejected Stefan, she turned off her humanity. She also had control over her bloodlust. She has done many selfless things throughout the show. She was the most courageous character throughout the show.

6 Stefan Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries

Stefan was the main protagonist of the show. He started with being a nice guy, but after he convinced Damon to turn into a vampire, he became a part of criticism. Stefan also has a caring side as he helped Elena, Damon, and Caroline, and time and time again he also sacrificed his life to save the Mystic Falls.  Stefan also got blood addicted, he consumed human blood and was named blood-a-holic. The bloodlust changed his attitude. Lack of human blood consumption over the centuries made Stefan wretched to his brother Damon.

5 Elena Gilbert

The Vampire Diaries

“I used to think the worst feeling in the world was losing someone you love, but I was wrong. The worst feeling in the world is the moment that you realize you’ve lost yourself.” Elena said in the show despite this she did many cruel things. She was the most complicated character of the show. She was also turned into a vampire later in the show. Before that, she also did some villainous things, she made Damon make Jeremy, her brother, forget the past events regarding Vicki’s death (the girl Jeremy liked) and Matt Donovan (Elena’s ex-boyfriend and Vicki’s brother). She murdered plenty of innocent people.

Significant to this, Elena also contributed to killing Finn Mikaelson who was the harmless original sibling. She killed Finn, even when Sage was pleading to stop doing the same. Elena has also done some unexpected evil crimes just like Damon. She also showed that she doesn’t care about hurting the innocent.

4 Enzo St. John

The Vampire Diaries

Enzo was one of the sinners in the show was a side character in Season 5 and later become the main character in Season 6.  He was very cunning. Enzo killed people for his purpose. He killed many innocent beings for his benefit. He was a heartless and unfair Vampire and was similar to Damon. He also felt for Bonnie and fell in love with him and also acted as a great boyfriend but it doesn’t ignore all the terrible things he did and he also proved to be a loyal friend.

3 Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore

And you know what makes me able to drink my fill and leave someone breathing and not rip their head off like my brother; is that I can revel in it. I can make it fun.“—Damon said to Bonnie and Elena in the show.

Damon is one of the protagonists of the show. He was a villain in the first few seasons, he followed his brother to Mystic Falls to make his life horrific and also committed many crimes, he never felt regretful of killing people who did not hold much importance to him just like he killed Jeremy out of anger.

He also fed on Joey by ripping his head off and still didn’t feel guilty.

Damon is an untrustworthy character and is always out of control. The only person he cared for was Elena.

2 Katherine Pierce

The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce was Elena’s doppelganger and fell in love with both the Salvatore brothers. She felt for Stefan but she always controlled both of the brothers to just make things go her way.

The character plays an evil lady with a full mindset to take revenge on everyone in Mystic Falls. She was cruel. She can also be characterized as a selfish vampire. She was a cunning character. She constantly comes to Mystic Falls all in the expression of adoring Stefan and making everyone’s life worst.

1 Klaus Mikaelson

Power-hungry and merciless, this ruthless killer had a complexity behind him. Klaus is the strongest character in the show and was a hybrid of a werewolf and vampire. Katherine runs away from Klaus because he’s already killed her. Klaus is involved in many crimes like killing Katherine’s entire family, killing his parents, and more.