The Voice: Tanner Massey’s emotional performance makes Wynonna Judd remember her late mother

Tanner Massey
Credits: The Voice/ YouTube

The Tuesday episode of ‘The Voice’ was packed with exciting moments, but the standout was undeniably the passionate performances from Team Gwen Stefani’s talented singers. Among them, it was Contestant Tanner Massey who truly stole the show with his heartfelt rendition of “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes.

His performance even moved Mega Mentor Wynonna Judd, evoking memories of her mother. The episode also features Niall Horan successfully stealing Mara Justine from John Legend. Moreover, it reveals Stefani’s heartfelt request for contestant Rudi to stick to her team so it stays “together.”

Tanner Massey, Chechi Sarai and Rudi Deliver Incredible Knockout Performances | The Voice | NBC

Tanner Massey reminds Wynonna of her mother, Naomi Judd

Massey’s powerful rendition of Mendes’ track touched everyone’s heart, and it led Wynonna to reflect on her mother’s passing. “I felt that way a year ago when my mom died. And I remember getting the phone call and I literally said, ‘Somebody help me,’ ” Judd told Massey about her mother, Naomi Judd’s death in April 2022. “That’s what songs are supposed to do, as painful as they are.”

Massey secured a Knockouts victory with this remarkable performance. “He is super young but able to channel the emotion in a song flawlessly,” Stefani said. “I just think he’s really special.”

Gwen Stefani pleads with contestant Rudi to stay in her team

After Rudi’s remarkable performance, both Legend and coach Reba McEntire hit their steal buttons to grab the Texas vocalist for their teams. “You’re such a great performer. All we do together is figure out how to put you in the best position to win, but also the best position to show who you are, and I would love for you to do it on Team Legend,” said Legend to Rudi. 

Stefani, for her part, had hit her save button and pleaded with Rudi to remain on her team. “I feel like if you go with anyone else, I will die,” she said. In the end, Rudi decided to stay on Stefani’s team, leaving the coach escalated.  “My team is still together,” she said. 

Niall Horan retrieves Mara Justine

Horan, who lost singer Mara Justine to coach John Legend during the blind auditions, had a second opportunity to win over the New Jersey vocalist when Justine faced elimination during the second round of Knockouts on Tuesday night.

“John will tell you I hounded him with text messages going, ‘I’m going to get you back for this,'” Horan said to Justine on Monday. “When I think of who’s great on ‘The Voice’ this season, you’re the first one that comes to mind. You’ve got something serious about you.”

While Stefani had her sights set on grabbing Justine for her team, the singer ultimately decided to join Horan’s team. “I’m excited to actually finally get to work with her,” Horan expressed his excitement.