The White Lotus Season 3 is coming to MAX in 2025

The White Lotus Season 3 is coming to MAX in 2025
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Welcome to the luxurious and enigmatic world of the White Lotus.

The fictional resort chain will be back with each passing day, filled with a darker complexity as The White Lotus invites you to step into a realm where paradise hides secrets darker than the depths of the ocean. If you are curious to know what the fuss is all about, then we can assure you that you have reached the right place to know it all. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a summary of everything you can anticipate about White Lotus Season 3 right here.

The White Lotus Season 3 is coming to MAX in 2025

The White Lotus Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The much-awaited third season of the dark comedy-drama anthology television is scheduled to release on the streaming platform in 2025. The delayed release comes as a result of the writers’ and actors’ strikes, as stated by Casey Bloys, Chairman and CEO of HBO and Max, earlier this month.

The tentative release window has also been confirmed by series creator Mike White, who provided a status update on Season 3, which is expected to start filming in early February in Thailand after the first season was shot in Maui, Hawaii, and season two was in Sicily, Italy. Max confirmed the release window for The White Lotus Season 3 in its “One to Watch” trailer, which showcases new originals, returning series, and more on its upcoming streaming slate.

White Lotus Season 3 appeared in its 2025 section alongside several other titles, including The Last of Us and Euphoria, as was also hinted in an interview with Deadline, HBO’s Head of Drama Francesca Orsi also said all the major original series will be returning sometime around 2025.

We urge the readers to take a look at the official teaser below: 

The White Lotus Season 3: Everything we know so far

The third season is all set to be in Asia, with filming likely to take place in one of the Four Seasons resort chains in Thailand due to the series receiving a $4.4 million tax incentive for filming in Thailand, while Japan does not have a film-incentive system.  

Mike White told Deadline, “I think it’d be fun to maybe go to a whole different continent. You know, we did Europe, and maybe Asia—something crazy like that—that would be fun.” In addition to this, White also discussed the potential theme of the third season, quoting: “The first season kind of highlighted money, and then the second season is s*x. I think the third season would be maybe a satirical and funny look at death and Eastern religion and spirituality. It feels like it could be a rich tapestry to do another round at The White Lotus.”

Creator Mike White also told Deadline that he does have ideas for a third White Lotus branch. 

“We just turned in our last episode to the network yesterday, so it’s hard to think about the next race,” he told the outlet. “But if we did, I think it’d be fun to maybe go to a whole different continent. You know, we did Europe, and maybe Asia, something crazy like that, that would be fun.” Moreover, executive producer David Bernad also confirmed Asia as the prime location for season three. “We’ve tried to work in Asia a lot, and hopefully season three will be our chance to make something happen there,” he said. 

Natasha Rothwell from the first season is the only cast member confirmed so far for the third installment, as she will reprise her role as Belinda in the Thailand-set season, which will follow those who are vacationing at a Wellness Spa. Moreover, Connie Britton, also from the first season, told Deadline last year that she had had conversations with White about possibly returning for Season 3. So, the third season will mostly feature a new cast, albeit with Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya. Whether she will be back, given what happened at the end of season two, is obviously up for debate. 


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The White Lotus Season 3 Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes will be there?

The exact episode count has not been disclosed, but White has hinted that the third season will be supersized, quote: “It’s going to be a supersized White Lotus, It’s going to be longer, bigger, crazier. I don’t know what people will think, but I am super excited, so at least for my own barometer, that’s a good thing.”

It is unclear whether this means that the number of episodes would increase again after there were major changes in the last two seasons. As of writing this, we’ll just have to wait and see what the creators have in store for the fans. 

Where to stream?

The series is available to stream on HBO in the United States and is available to stream in 4K resolution on MAX (previously known as HBO Max), as it is an exclusive series developed for the digital streaming platform with membership available for both the ad-supported plan and the ad-free option. Moreover, in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, the series premiered on Sky Atlantic. 

Meanwhile, in India, the series is available on JioCinema. The viewers can choose the membership plan according to their preference and stream the vast catalog these platforms have to offer, with new series and movies ranging across different genres. You can also stream The White Lotus by renting or purchasing it on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu.

Is there any new teaser released?

Unfortunately, the network has not yet published an official teaser or trailer, and we do not anticipate seeing one any time soon as the production is yet to begin.  

In the meantime, catch up with Season 2, which follows various guests over a week in the White Lotus’ Sicily location. While a darker side of the picture-perfect travelers begins to emerge, the hotel’s professional but prickly manager tries to keep two young locals striving to get ahead by different means out of her luxury establishment.

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