These zodiac signs are the best texters ever

zodiac signs
Credits: Pexels, Pixabay

It is rightly said that to know if one is worth being a lifetime with, test them if they give you their time instead of their money. If they do, you have won a jackpot. If a hundred years ago anyone told us that it was possible to have phones that could work with touches and spellings that could correct themselves, they would have laughed in disbelief. But now that the reality stares right back at us, we are in the era of sending to and fro texts, often continuously, thus making a string of texts also called a ‘Chat’.

Gone are the days when chat meant talking, now it translates to texting or video calling, and who knew your zodiac signs played a role here too.

We all would love receiving a cute random text every now and then to know we are valued. How about telling you, these signs are great texters. Hop on to find out.


Zodiac signs

Topping the list is the sassy, bossy, and very moody February-born sign who loves to speak fluent sarcasm anywhere and everywhere. They do not wait before adding fuel to the fire in a group chat fight or intervene with their quirky remarks here and there in class groups. They also have a very expressive side to them when they text, but do not mistake their elaboration for love. They can turn into cold rare texters pretty quickly, and this unpredictability, on and off socializing needs is what makes them a great texter, but only when they call the shots.


zodiac signs

Scorpions are known for how inexpressive they are, and texts are a clear medium for them to talk facts without punching you in the face. They will not text you back unless you do, and reaching out has never been their thing ever since they were born. They do try to be comforting with the dedicated ‘Pet names’ they use, which makes them a good texter on the whole.


Zodiac signs

Like a detailed aunt at a typical wedding function, these December borns share legendary memes and even better commentaries on them. Laughing with them is so easy that you want to reach out to their friendly aura even just by texting, and oh, how warmly they reply back to you. This sign as a texter knows how to hit home.


zodiac signs
A very volatile sign in itself, Geminis are either the best texters to ever exist, or they downright will be the worst. Now the ones who are the best are generally the shy and slightly introverted ones who find it better to bond over texting. They do love texting for longer durations, but that is a rare moment. They love their social media handles and would keep sending you Instagram reels and lots of snaps to keep in touch with you. So, they are not just good texters but great communicators too.


zodiac signs
Extremely straightforward and unbothered about being messy, a Leo will send you wrong spellings and never bother to correct them. This is what makes them a carefree and bold carriers of themselves. This confidence is seen even in the manner they send messages. They can throw the caps lock on for most of the texts as they really want whatever they say ‘drilled into your head’ and would use any method to achieve it.

With these zodiac signs as your close friends or partners or, who knows, group chat members, just know life is too short to live restricted. So keep texting and updating, as who knows if there is a tomorrow.