Thief: Sound of the Sword: Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Lee Ho Jung and others join the cast of Netflix’s period drama

Thief: Sound of the Sword Cast
Credits: Netflix

Netflix film Thief: Sound of the Sword confirms its cast!

If there’s something as successful as romantic-comedy in the Korean industry, it has to be periodic dramas. Many K-dramas and movies have been made under this concept including Love in the Moonlight, Moon Embracing the Sun, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, My Sassy Girl, Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love, and Lee San, Wind of the Palace

Anyone would expect these dramas to follow just one theme – kingdoms are constantly in war. Though war is an essential part of a historical drama, writers have proven themselves to be extremely creative by not only delving into genres other than action-thriller but coming up with a fresh story every time. 

Netflix seems to have recognized the large fan base of such dramas after streaming multiple historical dramas on the platform and has decided to produce one of its own.

Thief: Sound of the Sword Cast

Thief: Sound of the Sword is an upcoming Netflix periodic action melodrama film. The movie is set in the 1920s when families were chased away from their homes which led to wars between kingdoms. The drama is written by Han Jung Hoon and will be directed by Hwang Joon Hyuk. Both of them have previously worked together on Bad Guys 2 and Squad 38.

Actor Kim Nam Gil is set to lead the movie as Lee Yoon. Lee was a part of the Japanese military, but he abandons everything to leave for Gando and ends up putting his life on the line to protect the land and its people. Kim Nam Gil made his acting debut in 1999 with a minor role in a television drama and has since appeared in many successful movies and dramas including Pandora (2016), The Pirates (2014), The Fiery Priest (2019), and Queen Seondeok (2009).

Girls’ Generation member Seohyun who recently starred in the Netflix movie, Love and Leashes has joined hands with the streaming giant yet again for Thief: Sound of the Sword. She will play the role of Nam Hee Shin, the head of the Japanese Government-General of Korea’s Railway Bureau.

Thief: Sound of the Sword Cast
Credits: MBC

The Nevertheless star, Lee Ho Jung will star as Eon Nyeon, a gunman who has received the task of killing Lee Yoon. Jung has previously starred in the films Midnight Runners (2017) and The Battle of Jangsari (2019).

The famous Yoo Jae Myung is also starring in the movie as Choi Soong Soo,  a former general of the army and a landlord of a Korean village in Gando. Yoo has starred in a number of hit dramas including Reply 1998 (2015), Vincenzo (2021), and Itaewon Class (2020).

Lee Hyun Wook stars as Lee Gwang Il, a Japanese military executive who has an old rivalry with Lee Yoon. Wook has impressed the audience multiple times in projects like Strangers From Hell (2019), The Good Detective (2020), Search (2020), She Would Never Know (2021), and Mine (2021).

Thief: Sound of the Sword Cast

The movie is scheduled to air in 2022, but nothing more has been confirmed other than the star cast, yet. The cast looks extremely promising and given it’s a historical drama, the audience is bound to have high expectations. With the release slated for this year, we are hoping for more updates soon.