Things to avoid if you want stress free relationship

stress free relationship
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You already have a lot of things to worry about and your relationship is meant to be your happy place and not something that brings stress into your life. So, whenever you see that your relationship is getting messy and stressful why not take some steps to make it better and healthy again.

Here is a list of things you should avoid if you want a stress-free relationship. 

1. Stop using the word ‘I’ and replace it with ‘we’

No matter how much to talk about your freedom and all, once you are committed to somebody you are no longer a singular person, you and your partner are now together and you should also consider yourself as “we” instead of using the word “I” time and again. This can really make your relationship complicated by making your partner a bit insecure. Not that you have to lose your identity but be more considerate of your partner.

2. Don’t use your phone a lot

stress free relationship

Using your phone a lot can give wrong signals to your partner no matter the amount of trust you people have in each other. This kind of insecurity can really cause a lot of stress in your relationship. So, why not just keep your phone aside while you are spending time with your partner.

3. Stop fighting in public

couple fighting in public

Fighting is a part of any relationship, but fighting in public may be quite disrespectful to both you and your partner. So, no matter what situation you and your partner what you should do is try and avoid fighting in public if you don’t want it to be a sight of public attention which will eventually cause stress.

4. Stop keeping a score

Keeping a score of what you are doing, what your partner is doing, the mistakes you are committing, and everything else is also something that can hamper your relationship. It is a relationship and not a competition, so what are you keeping the score for?

5. Stop running away from communication

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Communication is the key to every healthy and stress-free relationship, so always try and make as much communication as much as possible with your partner and avoid running away from these talks if you want your relationship to prosper without any stress crumbling in.

6. Stop comparing

Comparison is not meant for your relationship and you should really stop comparing what you and your partner have with what others share. You both have a bond and relationship of your own and there should be no room for comparison in it. If you start comparing your relationship with others it will put you under a lot of pressure which can be quite negative and stressful for the relationship.

7. Avoid lying

Honesty is the base of every healthy and happy relationship. If you are lacking honesty in your relationship it is just meant to be doomed. If you are lying to your partner about different things it would bring you under a lot of stress because of either the guilt trip or them finding the truth. So, why not just stay honest and avoid this kind of stress in your relationship at all costs.