Things you should never ask your crush on a first date

Credits: Pexels

Are you new to the dating game? Do you have no clue about what and what not to ask your date on the first date? Fret not. While it may sound daunting how to choose your words, a few basic tips will help you go a long way.

Not to mention that it’s always a good idea to be yourself and pour your heart out when you are on a date with your crush. What you should never do is irk them with a few unpleasant questions.

Here is a list of things you should never ask someone on your first date.

1. Where do you see this relationship going?

You are just on a first date with them, and you would not want to scare them off by asking about where is this all headed no matter how good everything is going on that date. They might see you as an impulsive person if you dare to ask them this question.

2. What are your deal breakers?

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Asking about your date’s deal breakers is a very tempting question as it can actually decide the course of your relationship, but you need to refrain from this. You need to control yourself and not ask this question because if you do, your date might think that you are asking this because you have to pretend to be the person they like just to woo them over. So, instead, be real, humble, and polite. That’s it.

3. How many people have you slept with?

If you ask your date about how many people has he/she slept with till now, you are sure to come off as a judgy person. They are bound to think that you are judging them irrespective of what their answer to that question is. The number of people he/she has slept with is none of your matter and is something very personal so just refrain from questions like this.

4. What is your favorite sex position?

Did you really think that this question would have been funny in any sense? Did you not find anything else to break the ice but this awkward question on the very first date? Well, this is one of the worst questions you could ask someone on the first date as it will really give them a very wrong sign that could mean that all you want from them is physical intimacy and nothing else.

5. How much do you earn?


On the first date, topics like career and job are necessary to discuss, but this does not mean that you will go ahead and directly ask about their salary. Even if it was just a curiosity question from your end you might come off as a nosy and dumb person. This question from your side can actually make your date question your relationship priorities.

6. Who’s this hot friend?

Let’s assume that your date is going pretty well and he/she is now showing you some pictures. Now, don’t commit the mistake of shifting your attention from your date to some of their other hot friends. If you do this and they notice that you are more interested in their friend rather than in them, they could be completely turned off. They could just lose all their interest in you.

7. So, do you like me?

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This question might be popping in your head from the very moment you met your date, but you need to really hold it inside and throw it at them. You should not ask if they like you or not. If you do ask this, you may come off as a person with low self-esteem or someone who needs a lot of assurance which might scare off your date.