This BLACKPINK member recently joined Threads and her first post is up already

Credit: Instagram

Rosé, the celebrated queen of K-pop and the main vocalist of BLACKPINK has excited her fans in the most interesting manner. It is because the diva has finally ventured into her very own Threads account. Not only that, but she has also added a single post that has currently garnered a lot of attention. There is no denying that the BLACKPINK member found a way through this to engage with admirers and gain a surge in followers. While the entire group is busy with their present and upcoming schedules, Rosé made sure to surprise all the BLINKs through her Threads debut!

The First-Ever Threads Post

Did you know what her debut post was on Threads? Well, Rosé shared an adorable video of her beloved dog, Hank. She also gave a glimpse of the fresh tomatoes that brought her joy in the previous month. However, fans seemed to be worried a little while later when the original post got deleted. It was revealed later that the BLACKPINK member had deleted the post accidentally. Nevertheless, she was quick to rectify the situation. So, she uploaded the post again with an even cuter caption as shown below:

Rosé’s Unique Connection with Fans

Rosé shares an amazing bond with all of her fans, and the recent series of events prove the same. As soon as she launched her own Threads account, she reached around 100,000 followers already, a great record made by any celebrity on the newly launched social media platform. Well, we are also sure that the number of followers will surely increase in the coming months. 

Fan Reactions on the Diva’s Entry

Fans are overjoyed by Rosé’s enthusiastic interactions on Threads. She also responded to requests for a live broadcast. The BLACKPINK member expressed her intention to do an update live soon, thereby delighting her followers. She could be seen mostly responding to fans with emojis and warm welcomes. Rosé fosters an atmosphere of heartfelt conversation, making fans feel even closer to their idol. 

Who is Rosé?

Rosé, whose full name is Roseanne Park, is a South Korean singer and a member of the internationally renowned K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. She was born on February 11, 1997, in New Zealand and later moved to Australia before pursuing her dream of becoming a singer in South Korea. Rosé joined BLACKPINK, formed by YG Entertainment in 2016, and quickly gained immense popularity for her powerful vocals, unique voice, and captivating stage presence.

As one of the main vocalists of BLACKPINK, Rosé has charmed fans around the world with her exceptional singing ability and emotional performances.