7 Tips to get over your ex

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A breakup just doesn’t end a relationship, you have to go through a lot of other and more things after that breakup and this also includes the trauma and dreadful steps of getting over your ex. The post-breakup may sound easy to the people who aren’t actually going through it or have never gone through it but it really is a big deal when you are the one going through all this. But it’s still not something that you can’t get over.

So, here are some tips on how to get over your ex. 

1. Cut off all contact with them

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Your feelings may not allow you but cutting off all contact with your ex is the only way you can move on. No matter how important they were and they still are you need to realize that they are no longer with you and now you have your own journey. You might be thinking that you can stay friends with your ex but that is surely not the case which is possible. You can’t just go back from loving someone to being friends with the. So, if you know you don’t have any future with your ex get over them by cutting off your contact.

2. Let go of the blame

If you really want to get over an ex stop playing those blame games with yourself. Stop blaming yourself for what happened as you were not the one who was controlling the things and neither was your partner in control as what has happened was just supposed to happen.

3. Vent out all your feelings


Keeping feelings inside is not a way that could help you in getting over your ex. You need to vent out all your feelings to someone you trust so that you are able to get past those feelings and start living a life of your own.

4. Realize why your ex was not an ideal match

Love is blind and you might not have seen how your ex was not suitable for you while you were in a relationship with them but now that you have cut ties with them it might become easy for you to realize that they actually weren’t the right one for you so why to waste any more time on them.

5. Start loving yourself more

If you are someone who is too good at showering love on others, there are a lot of chances that you might have stopped loving yourself while you were in a relationship. But now that you people have broken up it’s time for you to start loving yourself again. Go on solo dates, do the things you enjoy, and start enjoying your own company if you want to love yourself and get over your ex.

6. Create a productive routine for yourself

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You are bound to feel sluggish and dejected all day long after a tiring breakup but this is the time you have to buckle up and focus on yourself instead of crying for the whole day. Gear up and make a productive daily routine for yourself and stick to it as much as possible if you want to get back on track and forget your ex.

7. Get rid of the physical reminders

You might be loaded with some gifts and other belongings of your ex that might remind you of them at every moment so just muster up the courage and rid of that stuff if you really want to get over your ex. Start gifting yourself some beautiful things and get rid of everything they gifted you.