Tips to make the perfect wedding guest list


Wedding days are fun, but at the same time, the preparations may be complicated for obvious reasons. From purchasing your favorite wedding gown to selecting the best food items on the menu, there are a whole lot of things to do ahead of your D-day. One of the most crucial things that we never tend to forget is preparing the wedding guest list. We always try finding ways to figure out a perfect wedding guest list that makes everyone happy. 

Making a list that works both for you and your partner must be a simple affair. However, things are never quite straightforward in such cases. It is where we come forward to help you with the best tips to make a perfect wedding guest list. 

Wedding gurest

Make a list of those people you would consider inviting

Try sitting down with your partner and compiling a list of all individuals you would like to invite to your wedding if money and space are adequate. You can start with your immediate family members, friends, colleagues, distant relatives, their children, etc. Start trimming names down once you prepare your master list. 

Separate the top-tier guests

Call them the must-haves, non-negotiables, or A-listers, these are the people without whom you cannot take your wedding vows. Separate them first from the master list, and then look out for other significant people who you want to attend your D-Day. 

Work out the number of guests you can afford

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You must decide the wedding venue and the guest list hand in hand. Even if you have not decided on the location yet, you surely know what to have and what not to have on your wedding day. Try analyzing the number of guests your dream setting can feasibly hold, and you are done with a perfect plan! 

Ask your parents’ input

Who better than your parents to help you out before you ring the wedding bells! Anyways, both sets of parents will get a say in deciding the guest list. But at the end of the day, the decision will be yours to take. However, it is always recommended to loop your parents in while deciding on the wedding guests list to have better clarity on the preparations for the D-day. 

Making a perfect wedding guest list should be one of the priority tasks on your checklist ahead of your special day. Start thinking about your venue and budget, and get ready to prepare a list that best suits you!