Tom Cruise all set to become the first actor to shoot for his film in space

Tom Cruise
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It seems like Tom Cruise’s next mission is sure to create a new record. Yes, you heard it right! It is because he is on the verge of becoming the first actor to shoot in space. Hollywood movies like The Martian, Interstellar, and Gravity have already given us a realistic look into the world of space travel. However, no film crew has ever ventured beyond space to shoot for similar-themed movies. After scaling the world’s tallest building, hanging off the side of a plane, and flying a fighter jet in some of his movies, Tom Cruise is now venturing into space, and for real!


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The unique project

Talking about the project that is currently grabbing headlines, it was first floated in 2020 when the actor and The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman teamed up to make the impossible possible. However, their plans seemed to be shunned by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the duo has spoken to Universal Studios Hollywood about the project that will witness Tom Cruise taking a rocket to the International Space Station.


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People’s reactions

Universal’s president Donna Langley spoke to BBC about the upcoming plan and reportedly said, “I think Tom Cruise is taking us into space. He’s taking the world into space. That’s the plan. We have a great project in development with Tom that does contemplate him doing just that and taking a rocket to the space station and shooting.”

Langley also revealed that most of the scenes of the yet-to-be-titled film would be shot on earth. However, the crew is hopeful that Tom Cruise will become the first-ever civilian to do a spacewalk outside the space station.

Moreover, The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman was also asked about the movie, which is reportedly estimated to cost around $200 million. However, she insisted that the makers are yet to finalize the budget. There is no denying that a flight to space will cost a whopping amount!