Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible 8’ pushed to 2025

The eighth movie in Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise has been delayed to 2025
Credit: Paramount Pictures

The next mission is not happening until 2025 due to actors’ strike.

This year’s box office calendar has been jam-packed with some of the most amazing action movies, out of which the most anticipated release was the seventh installment in Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise titled “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,” was released in back in July 2023. The movie had an estimated budget of up to $291 million, making it one of the most expensive Hollywood films ever made in recent times! 

However, because of its expensive overall budget and competition from the “Barbenheimer ” cultural phenomenon, as well as a sleeper hit Sound of Freedom, it turned out to be a box office disappointment by grossing $567.5 million globally. The overall reception was slightly dull, and word of mouth was not able to spread rather quickly in favor of this movie ticket sales, as it was quite shocking that many preferred buying tickets for other releases and considered skipping this project by Tom Cruise. 

This isn’t anyone’s fault after all; it’s the seventh movie in the massively popular spy action universe, which started back in May 1996 with the first Mission: Impossible movie, directed by Brian De Palma from a screenplay by David Koepp and Robert Towne. It’s not far-fetched to say that the interest among die-hard ‘Mission: Impossible’ fans might have started to wane a bit. Due to this, the studio has been on high alert and has started rescheduling the release dates of franchise future films. 

The eighth movie in Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise has been delayed to 2025

In addition to poor box office response, the seventh and eighth films were to be shot back-to-back, with Christopher McQuarrie returning as the director. Unfortunately, the feature had to shut down production once the promotion of Dead Reckoning, Part One, began. Later, the delays were extended by the SAG-AFTRA strike, which caused the cast to not return to work on the film. Eventually, the post-production won’t be completed in time to open the movie for next summer’s box office release around the world. 

As a result, major decisions have been made by the studios involved behind the scenes, and now Paramount and Skydance have pushed back the release of the eighth installment for a whole year, with the latest release date set to be May 23, 2025.

If you recall, it was previously set for release on August 5, 2022, but later underwent many release date changes as the movie was once again delayed to November 4, 2022, July 7, 2023, and June 28, 2024, and now it has been fixed for the current date due to the ongoing 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike.

It was previously confirmed that the seventh and eighth films are feature-length two-parters and were initially titled Mission: Impossible—Dead Reckoning Part One and Part Two. But now the plans for it to be divided into two parts have taken a serious turn as the next Mission: Impossible movie has dropped the second half of its previous title, Dead Reckoning, Part Two. Much to everyone’s surprise, it will now have a new title, which is expected to be announced at a later date.

The eighth movie in Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise has been delayed to 2025

Moreover, “A Quiet Place: Day One,” which was previously scheduled for March 8, 2024, will also have a new spot as it will now open on June 28, 2024, as it is also being distributed by Paramount Pictures. This post-apocalyptic horror film, written and directed by Michael Sarnoski, is based on an original story by John Krasinski. This time around, audiences see the alien invasion in the heart of New York City. It is intended to be a spin-off prequel and the third overall installment of the A Quiet Place film series.

In order to attain the box office expectations back from this beloved franchise, the eighth installment is being shot with Imax cameras which will help in getting a three-week exclusive Imax run that was unfortunately lost for the seventh movie because of Oppenheimer. That’s not it! Industrial Light & Magic returns from the seventh film to produce the visual effects, along with Clear Angle Studios and Halon Entertainment as the additional vendors for lidar, cyber scanning, and pre-visualization.

At last, the untitled eighth film will be the direct sequel to Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (2023) will once again see Tom Cruise returning in his eighth appearance as the series’ lead character, Ethan Hunt, whom he will have portrayed over a period of 29 years at the time of the film’s release. He still hopes to continue making further films in the series as Ethan Hunt, despite both films having initially been billed as a send-off to the character, but would not necessarily end the series. 

Other cast includes Ving Rhames, Henry Czerny, Simon Pegg, Vanessa Kirby, Esai Morales, Hayley Atwell, Shea Whigham, and Pom Klementieff who are all set to reprise their roles with Lorne Balfe also returning to score the film. Holt McCallany has also joined the cast with details about the character not yet confirmed. Later, it was revealed that Nick Offerman and Janet McTeer were also added to the cast. In March 2023, McQuarrie announced Hannah Waddingham, Lucy Tulugarjuk, and Rolf Saxon’s addition to the cast, the latter of whom reprises his role from the first film. 

Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One is now available to buy digitally on Amazon, Apple TV, and other video-on-demand platforms based on the subscriber’s location. According to Amazon, DVD, Blu-ray, and digital 4K Ultra HD will be released on October 31, 2023.