Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson address altercation rumors at Cannes Film Festival

Tom Hanks with wife
Credit: Instagram

Renowned Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, recently attended the Cannes premiere of their upcoming film, Asteroid City. However, their alleged altercation with a man on the red carpet created a buzz among netizens. The couple has now addressed the incident, putting an end to the speculations and clarifying the situation.

Rita Wilson Sets the Record Straight

Rita Wilson took to Instagram to address the rumors surrounding the altercation. Sharing a news article, she dismissed the speculations and shed light on the reality of the situation. Through her post, Wilson clarified that the exchange was a result of the chaos on the red carpet, with people screaming and making it difficult to hear. She emphasized that the incident was blown out of proportion and urged fans to focus on their film, Asteroid City.

Fans Rally in Support


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Many fans of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson came to their defense, pointing out that the actor appeared to be smiling throughout the interaction with Vincent Chapalain. Fans highlighted Hanks’ positive demeanor as evidence that the encounter was not confrontational or aggressive. Their support further underscores the belief that the incident was a misunderstanding rather than a heated altercation.

Vincent Chapalain’s Explanation

Vincent Chapalain, the man involved in the incident, took to his personal Twitter handle to clarify what happened. Responding to a question from a netizen, he explained that he was not part of the security team and that Hanks and Wilson were merely inquiring about their position on the red carpet. Chapalain’s response further supports the notion that the exchange was a result of confusion and miscommunication.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have addressed the alleged altercation at the Cannes Film Festival, putting an end to the rumors and providing context to the incident. Wilson’s Instagram post, combined with the observations of their fans and Vincent Chapalain’s explanation, highlights that the encounter was a misunderstanding in the midst of a chaotic red carpet event. With the clarification provided, attention can now shift back to their highly anticipated film, Asteroid City.