Top 10 dating shows on Netflix

Love Island Season 8 Episode 8

Love is a feeling full of warmth and happiness. The oxytocin and dopamine rush makes us feel the pit in the stomach and helps us feel the bond deeper. They often say that relationships should be like fairytales, straight out of a novel or a show. The trend then began to incorporate a show that can help people find their soulmates and, in the process, discover themselves. While such reality shows have seen a lot of success, the audience is always curious to see how love unfolds and if it sustains.

Over a period of time, this saw a variation, and finding love was not that easy, as now you had to face challenges in the form of cross-pairing, dating, or finding a perfect queer partner. But in such processes, the shows bloomed. For those times when you are out of inspiration but want to feel the jitters of love down your heart, do check out our list of Top 10 dating shows on Netflix. You are definitely in for an adrenaline-filled roller coaster.

Love is Blind

Love is Blind | Official Trailer | Netflix

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

Release Year: 2020

Number of Seasons: 5

Number of Episodes: 60

Director: Chris Coelen

Cast: Vanessa Lachey, Giannina, Nick Lachey, Bartise Bowden, Zanab Jaffrey, Alexa Alfia, Cole Barnett, Mike Kelton, Kenny Banres

Latest Season Winner: Brett and Tiffany

Love is always known to be blind; one cannot see but only feel the love they have for the other person. The following show has seen five successful seasons, with the fifth season coming out in September. It follows 15 men and 15 women from the same metropolitan area who come together for ten days and are closed in spaces where they can only communicate with each other through speakers but not see each other. Such areas are called pods. Here, they get to know about each other secrets and lives and slowly start developing a liking towards each other at regular time intervals. There are customized interviews taken of these contestants to understand their preferences and understand their liking of the person. The show also involves elements where based on the contestant’s preferences, they pair them up with queer partners. After 10 days, they are allowed to meet their partners. Then it is fun to watch who are these people who come together and who are the ones who just parted ways.

Dating Around:

Dating Around | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

Release Year: 2019

Number of Seasons: 2

Number of Episodes: 4

Director: James Adolphus

Cast: Luke Hawksworth, Kate Burr, Jarry lee, Jonathan A Hanna, Lawrence Bourgeois, Chad Governale

Latest Season Winner: Justin and Ann

A short and fast-paced series that follows the concept of a dating app, the usual idea that if you are interested in the person, just swipe right and go further, more flirtatious in nature and seeing first-time failures. It sees six people who are single come together and go on five different blind dates. The only mission is to come together with one person with whom they would like to go on a second date, not just having to select the person. It should be mutual. What starts off with a simple flirt unfolds into a drama of chaos. Let us see if the couples who are formed are actually going to go on to date for a longer period of time in real life.

The Ultimatum:

IMDB Rating: 5.5/10

Release Year: 2022

Number of Seasons: 2

Number of Episodes: 20

Director: April Marie

Cast: Colby Kissinger, Zay Wilson, April Marie, Jake Cunningham

Latest Season Winner: Trey and Riah

Ultimatum. As the word suggests, this show is about ending up in marriage or just parting ways forever. The show sees couples from various walks of life who want to get married. Each pair has eight weeks to understand whether they are perfect for each other or not. In case they decide to leave each other, they’re allowed to select another part of the choice and move in with them for the next three weeks. What happens when they want to get back with another person? Or do they go back to the same person they parted ways with? The show is dedicated to specific concepts, whereas in the first season, it is all about moving on. The second season is dedicated to queer love and relationships. We see that all the couples who have reached the finale and decided to stay together, most of them have successful relationships and have been married by now.

Sexy Beasts:

Sexy Beasts Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10

Release Year: 2014

Number of Seasons: 1

Number of Episodes: 6

Director: Jonathan Glazer

Cast: Rob Delaney, Sara Rosenberg, Bella Glanville, Kariselle Snow, Angella Katherine

Latest Season Winner: Emma the Demon and Bennett The Mandril

It is a British show based on the concept that love sees no looks and only the personality. It sees contestants go out on dates with each other but dress up as animals, using high-end makeup that resembles their personalities. Once they go out on dates and gel in with each other, they come together and make a decision to become a couple officially. At this point, the masks come off, and they have to decide what they think and what the person looks like or a match. It also helps them know that whom they selected based on personality is the person they would want to spend the rest of their life with. This is a very interesting take on the idea of dating itself and how the world is highly materialistic and superficial. The show just had one season and should return with season two to help us understand the value of true love.

Too Hot to Handle:

Too Hot To Handle | Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

IMDB Rating: 4.7/10

Release Year: 2020

Number of Seasons: 5

Number of Episodes: 49

Director: Desiree Burch

Cast: Francesca Farago, Georgia Hassarati, Harry Jowsey, Chloe Veitch, Chase DeMoor

Latest Season Winner: Elys and Alex

What happens when you’re surrounded by hot and attractive people? The hormones are at a high, and especially if you’re someone who’s indulged in a series of casual relationships, the tendencies are higher. What happens when a virtual assistant named Lana brings together the top 10 Such singles across various walks of life and wants them to date each other but without getting physically involved? Because all of them are involved in flirting and flings but are unable to form emotional, long-lasting relationships. This show is their chance to have a long-term, meaningful relationship. They’re given a series of tasks involving money as well as swapping pairs every now and then so that the spark remains alive. The show is spread across four weeks, and all of them are being put in the same house as well as provided with various workshops to bond together. The one who sails the harsh waters wins.

Dated & Related | Official Teaser | Netflix

IMDB Rating: 4.6/10

Release Year: 2022

Number of Seasons: 1

Number of Episodes: 2

Director: Melinda Melrose

Cast: Joey Roppo, Melinda Berry, Kaz Bishop, Rachel Foster, Jason Cohen

Latest Season Winner: Kaz and Diana

What happens when your siblings come to your rescue? Blood is thicker than water, and when you’re single, your siblings come to help you; there is definitely going to be a lot of drama. What if both of you have a crush on the same person? When six pairs are put together in a luxurious villa in France, all they want to do is get hitched and with $100,000. Things change as only two couples come together, and all other crushes go unnoticed. The journey of these six pairs coming together in search of their soul mates and the chosen one makes the show very interesting as it is short, crisp, and to the point, explores sibling bondings closely, and acknowledges heartbreaks, too.

Love Island:

Love Island USA | Season 5 | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

IMDB Rating: 5.2/10

Release Year: 2015

Number of Seasons: 10

Number of Episodes: 391

Director: Kevin Lygo

Cast: Laura Whitmore, Molly-mae Hague, Kaz Kamwi, Maura Higgins, Lain Stirling

Latest Season Winner: Sammy and Jess

Unfamiliar situations help bring people together to bond over such circumstances and get familiar with each other. What happens when a group of single islanders is put together in a luxurious, posh villa in Las Vegas? They come from different backgrounds and do different things. Some are interested in relationships, someone to marry, whereas some are just into flings, and then there is also a set of people who are there to explore their sexuality and understand what they really like. All together, they are ready to get on this journey of finding love, dating, relationships, and, ultimately, a lot of drama with romance. Every few days, these islanders are supposed to pair up with someone, and the ones who are not selected are dumped or eliminated from the show. Towards the end, only two are left, and they become the power couple.

Perfect Match:

Perfect Match | Official Trailer | Netflix

IMDB Rating: 6/10

Release Year: 2023

Number of Seasons: 1

Number of Episodes: 12

Director: Nick Lachey

Cast: Francesca Farago, Dom Gabriel, Joey Sasso, Georgia Hassarati, Ines Camilia Tazi

Latest Season Winner: Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati

This is a slightly more complex show. The premise here is that everyone has to get involved in the matchmaking process where if they feel a couple is not good enough, they can break them apart, match them with other people, and send them out with brand new singles whom they can invite by their choice. Everyone there is with the intention of a serious relationship and is in a competition to find the best and the most suitable partner for each other. All the compatible couples are given a chance to not just be there for each other, but their compatibilities are tested when they have to be the matchmaker and break apart forces, too. The other couples do the same. What happens when they break other couples? Do they make friends in the process or more enemies? Full of games, fights, emotions, and drama, the show has been a success because of the new and fresh take it offers on the same language of dating.

Are You The One?

Are You The One? | Official Trailer | Paramount+

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Release Year: 2014

Number of Seasons: 9

Number of Episodes: 91

Director: Kamie Crowford

Cast: Ryan Malaty, Maria Elizondo, Paige Cole, Simone Kelly

Latest Season Winner: Mikey Owusu and Jordanne Deveaux

Technological intervention in the world of dating has been inevitable for quite a few years now, with the emergence of dating apps that use algorithms to put couples together, an American reality television series that deals with a group of men and women who have been put together based on a random algorithm provided a chance to stay with each other and go through the harsh times together. While there are tasks and problems the contestants have to solve, they have to find who are the perfect matches amongst themselves, and if the group as a whole can select one couple unanimously, they will get prize money of up to $1 million, which can be shared amongst all of them as a big group. The show is not just about relationships. It’s also about team building and developing the right kinds of friendships. If you are a couple and can be a people pleaser, the show is going to be your pet peeve.

Love on the Spectrum:

Love on the Spectrum | Official Trailer | Netflix

IMDB Rating: 8.6/10

Release Year: 2019

Number of Seasons: 2

Number of Episodes: 9

Director: Cian O’Clery

Cast: Michael Theo, Brooke Satchwell, Jodi Rodgers, Chloe Hatch, Mark Radburn

Latest Season Winner: No winners. Seven different young adults are known for their uniqueness

The world has finally taken awareness of mental health disorders quite seriously. Intellectual disability, like autism, is not problematic if at a mild level and can be controlled using certain measures. Such people are trainable and can perform the tasks themselves with help. What happens when an Australian reality television show goes all out of the way to bring people from the autism spectrum to have a chance at dating? The two seasons follow the journey of various young adults who might be facing social anxiety and problems finding like-minded people or partners who understand them. The show sees such individuals suffering from autism spectrum disorder as they get into the dating world and understand it from a closer look. It is extremely crucial because, looking at the smiles of these individuals, you’re just going to forget all your worries. This show deserves to be your top priority because out of all the dating shows, this is the most strikingly different and has received multiple awards for creating awareness.