Top 10 English shows to watch on Netflix this week

Credits: NETFLIX

A new month with new shows! The first week of July is here. The year is already half over. We are sure that you must also be amazed where did all the time go? Right? Because the whole world is thinking the same. In this race, everything has blurred out, and the realization strikes us when we take a look at the changing calendar. So why not take a breath and stay for a moment with ourselves and our people before? Let’s have some fun and quality time with people we love and understand.

And we have a great way in which you can spend that time with your people and not get bored! Having a get-together without good music and a cozy time without a good show is incomplete! So here are the Top 10 English shows on Netflix this week! 

The Lincoln Lawyer: Season 2 Part 1

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Release date: Jul 6, 2023

Rating: 7.7/10

Cast: Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Neve Campbell, Becki Newton

Top 10 English shows on Netflix this week

In the new season, watch your once again favorite attorney making clumsy and reckless mistakes. As he fights against crime and solves mysteries, he enjoys the humor of the show and the characters in it. Several new stories are coming up while he catches on to his personal life. Watch the show to find out more!

Fatal Seduction

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Release date: Jul 7, 2023

Rating: Not yet given

Cast: Frances Sholto-Douglas, Ngelekanyo Ramulondi, Rozelle Januk

Fatal Seduction | Official Teaser | Netflix

On a weekend trip, a married woman seems to find the pleasure she has lacked for a while with a man she doesn’t know. Her affair turns a darker tone when things start to appear not as clear as they did before. Watch the show to know what she does when she finds out her best friend is murdered, and there are way too many suspects.

Deep Fake Love

Genre: Reality Tv, Romance

Release date: Jul 6, 2023

Rating:  Not yet given

Cast: Not known yet

Top 10 English shows on Netflix this week

The reality TV with five couples and winning prize money. You are wrong if you think it is going to be the usual Reality show with few couples. Watch the show and find out what hurdles lie before them as they move forward to the prize. When trust and beliefs are broken, what is left?

Unknown: The Lost Pyramid

Genre: Documentary

Release date: Jul 3, 2023

Rating:  Not yet given

Cast: Zahi Hawass, Mostafa Waziri

UNKNOWN: The Lost Pyramid | Official Trailer | Netflix

In this unique competition between the two biggest Egyptologists, they both are trying to discover a new link before each other. Watch the show filled with information about the world that used to live way before us. In the deserts of Saqqara, witness the struggle of these two teams as they explore the regions for an Egyptian discovery.

Wake up! Carlo

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

Release date: Jul 6, 2023

Rating:  Not yet given

Cast: Not known

Things turn a different way around when Carl wakes up from a 22-year-long sleep. Everyone has thought it would be difficult for him to settle in the world where his friends have all become adults. But with his free attitude and fun-loving personality, he makes others crave the life he lives and become more like him.


Genre: Biography, Music, Documentary

Release date: Jul 5, 2023

Rating:  Not yet given

Cast: George Michael, Andre Ridgeley, Wham!

Learn about the young boys who became the pop icons of the 80s, and how they became friends and started their careers. Never have they imagined the fame and love they received! Watch the show, Wham! To get a closer look at the lives of the famous pair with the help of photographs and videos that have been preserved through time.

Muscles & Mayhem

Genre: Documentary, History, Sport

Release date: Jun 28, 2023

Rating: 7.3/10

Cast: Raye Hollitt, Danny Lee Clark, Michael M.Horton

Muscles & Mayhem: An Unauthorized Story of American Gladiators | Official Trailer | Netflix

Listen from their mouth, the success of the Gladiators. The famous weightlifting championship of America has come again to tell you the scenes from the inside. Watch the show of success, fame, and downfall with the real-life heroes of the Gladiators in this Netflix series.

The Surrogacy

Genre: Drama

Release date: Jun 14, 2023

Rating: 5.9/10

Cast: Marcela Guirado, Leticia Calderon, Luis Ernesto Franco

The Surrogacy - Trailer (Official) | Netflix [ENG]

After surrogating for a rich Mexican family, a woman finds herself stranded on a park bench with a child. She has no idea what happened. To save her father’s life, she agreed to be a surrogate, but things took an even uglier turn. What happens when she realizes that she has twins and the family takes the healthy girl while leaving the physically disabled kid with her to survive?

Never Have I Ever

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Release date: Jun 8, 2023

Rating: 7.9/10

Cast: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Poorna Jagannathan, Darren Barnet

never-have-I-ever (3)
credit: Netflix

Devi is ready to have the best recommendation letter from the teacher of her school, but her last summer night with Ben Gross isn’t helping her keep her cool. She falls into a fit of rage and fights verbally with Ben’s girlfriend. While the teacher watches the quarrel and faints, watch what happens next in season 4.

Our Planet II

Genre: Documentary

Release date: Jun 14, 2023

Rating: 9.3/10

Cast: David Attenborough

OUR PLANET II | Official Trailer | Netflix

David Attenborough has once again narrated the wildlife documentary of the year. Our planet II is fully ready for all of you to enjoy and experience. From the safety of your home, watch the thrilling world of jungles, oceans, and deserts with amazing cinematography.

These ten shows have captivated the minds of viewers as they wait in front of their screens for their release. There are many new shows on Netflix that audiences have expectations from, and few are listed here. While some last month goldies made the list with their ever-increasing following. Watch these shows to increase the fun element in this fast-moving life.