Top 10 most vulnerable zodiac signs

Zodiac signs
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While vulnerability is sometimes considered an intense and underappreciated human emotion, it still gets to you in the worst of ways at times. Are you one of them? Read ahead to find out!

Astrology has a unique lens to view perspectives and identify characteristics that set individuals apart from each other in the spectrum of values and personality. And then, there are shared traits that exude strength, resilience, vulnerability, and intensity. We have listed down the top 10 most vulnerable zodiac signs of all.


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They do not know how to handle their emotions at given times, and it might get the best out of them. They are impulsive with their decisions and actions, suggesting that they do not know how to handle or react when faced with challenging and complicated situations. Therefore, their indecisive nature and lack of confidence make them seem vulnerable.



They are extremely sensitive and meek when it comes to love and other intense emotions. They can be very vulnerable when it comes to expressing their feelings. If someone comes off strong, these natives are likely to break down easily.

They are known for their deep emotional intelligence and are vulnerable to both joy and sorrow.


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They are least likely to be weak, or at least people might assume them to be. In reality, they are vulnerable and will make sure that they appear strong inwardly. They might get hurt easily, but they do their best to not show it.


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They are very critical and are more intense when compared to other signs, so they are naturally scared to let their emotions out in the open for fear of judgment from others. They present a very strong image of themselves, even though they are vulnerable and are scared to come across strong emotions in reality.

They experience emotions with great intensity and are not afraid to delve into the darker aspects of their psyche. They have got a sensitive nature that can be easily wounded, and they may react strongly to perceived betrayal or abandonment.


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They are often considered to be the weakest of all signs. They are vulnerable when it comes to accepting their emotions. They try their best to tame their emotions and vulnerabilities, but it is quite a challenge for them. They possess an emotional depth and are highly intuitive. They have a tendency to become deeply involved in the emotions of others that might take them on another trip altogether.



The emotionally strong and stable quality of the natives of this sign has a vulnerable side to them that branches out from their deep understanding of emotions. They are loyal and, at the same time look for value and security in all of their relationships.

They may be possessive and fear losing their loved ones, which might hold them back from speaking out about their feelings, leading to vulnerability in matters of heart. Their sensitivity may manifest as being easily hurt by criticism or feeling emotionally unsettled in times of change.


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Libra is all for harmony and balance in all aspects of life. They have a natural inclination towards diplomacy, but they can be vulnerable due to their fear of conflict and their tendency to put others before themselves. They may find it challenging to assert themselves and express their emotions openly.


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They value independence and freedom, which makes them gain control over stuff. Ultimately, they put up walls between themselves and those closest to them, making it hard for them to share their feelings. This weakness can make it hard for Aquarians to open up in relationships because it takes time for them to have enough trust to be vulnerable and emotional.


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Natives of this sign embrace adventure and are free-spirited in nature. The optimistic outlook of Sagittarius may cause them to overlook warning signs, making them an easy target to approach with dishonest intentions and making them prone to being vulnerable at times.


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They are known for their dual personalities and sharp minds. They are very patient with an open mind to explore multiple perspectives. However, this nature can lead them down the path of being easily tricked, making them vulnerable to clever manipulations.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.0