Top 10 shows to watch on Netflix this week

Who is Erin Carter? Season 2: Is it renewed or cancelled?

The world of Netflix is like an ocean of possibilities. It has something for every person, every type, and caters to all age groups with consistency. The constant Tudum sound and the next episode buttons are like our way to escape a long day. When the weekends and people run out of ideas, Netflix and Chill never cease to surprise them.

Netflix thus, always comes up with fresh content to keep their audiences engaged. With the fall approaching, the new Netflix releases are like a breath of fresh air suitable for a good family time or a cozy date. It is set to get friends together and get the binge-watching mode on. But in case you are running out of inspiration, turn to these shows over this week. The titles this week include limited series, docu-series, romance, Korean drama, weekly episodes, long-running shows, and many others. Here is what you can binge on Netflix right away!

Depp v. Heard:

Depp v. Heard | Official Trailer | Netflix

The famous Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case got many people active on social media questioning concepts like feminism, misogyny, women’s rights, and respect, as well as men, toxic masculinity, and people got split. This particular documentary, which is in three episodes, tries to capture the trial and the essence of it. It is very difficult because something that went around for months together had to be captured in just three odd hours. The main focus here was on the online trials or the media trials that were happening outside, and the way coverages were taking place. 


A limited series with only one season, it follows the police and all other people, including pharmacists, victims, perpetrators, and criminals, who are faced with opioid abuse cases increasing in the United States of America. If you can watch how addiction destroys lives and can be done as a white-collar crime, go for watching this limited series on Netflix. Painkillers, as the name suggests, are a form of drug that makes it very easy to get addicted to opioids or oxycontin. A form of drug is very easy for people to access as well as consume, and though banned in a lot of countries, it is being sold in the name of prescription drugs. Painkiller tries to address the problem of how the opioid epidemic is what the crack epidemic was, but just, you know, highly United States manner.

It follows the story of a federal agent who tries to crack this case after coming across it very indirectly and gets on it. Along with some pharma experts, she tries to persuade, as well as come up with a solution by which she can destroy this mafia once and for all. A very well-written show. Her perspective is not just to look at things around her as she’s herself in a grey zone, because her brother is also addicted to these painkillers, and she needs to tackle that as well. The power of addiction can drive people to insane levels, and this show captures all of these things with a twist. Directed by Peter Berg, this thriller has five episodes with a watch time of 45 minutes each.

Heartstopper Season 2:

Heartstopper: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

This show is about queer love and adolescent relationships that tend to melt our hearts because of all the meet-cutes and the sweet moments that put us all through nostalgia. Heartstopper was loved for the way in which it actually stopped the hearts of the people who were watching this cute little relationship formed between the characters Charlie and Nick. Towards the end, they officially become a couple, whereas one is already out to his mother as gay. The other’s journey is far from being over.

It shows how their friends are there for him, supporting him through, but throughout, Nick finds peace in Charlie, and the romance develops, along with others finding love, friendship, betrayals, family problems, and getting through life. There are also other couples, as well as other queer couples, who are present, and their stories are also seen unfolding, right from how they got into a relationship and, in some cases, how they’re already maintaining the relationship. It also sees the different forms of parenting and how they shape young minds.

The ending is cliffhanger type, where they have decided to be together but with a sense of dilemma, and there are chances that season three will pick up from there. It has eight episodes with a watch time of 45 minutes each.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2:

The Lincoln Lawyer | Season 2 Part 1 Official Trailer | Netflix

The show follows the story of the famous lawyer Mick Haller who wants to give everyone a right to legal defence but forgets the consequences. He defends a rich realtor’s son in a rape case but finds evidence that proves him guilty, will he pursue it further or continue in ignorance? In the next season, in an elaborate manner, we see that there is an idealistic lawyer who provides criminal defense, and he is also someone who’s very loyal to the things he prefers, especially the car brands and the food he likes. He takes a high-profile murder case where he decides to defend someone accused of murder.

The murder by a chef of a big-time real estate developer, we need to see if he’s able to get her out of that problem at all. What happens when he finds or sits evidence proving that this person has actually done the crime? Would he still be an idealistic person? Or would things turn ugly? Would it all come down to money? These 20 episodes will take you down a lane of drama, law, and morality packaged into strong characters.

Destined With You:

Destined with You | Official Trailer | Netflix

How can this list be complete without having a Korean drama that is going to be swoon-worthy and provide you with the time of your life with perfect romantic drama? There is a lawyer who seems to have a curse that runs down through generations and centuries, because of which, as per destiny, he is supposed to meet a civil servant, the female lead of the story, and she is the key to his freedom, more like a Beauty and the Beast story. This, however, is in a contemporary manner, and it ignites an unexpected romance, where he is not allowed to discuss the curse but still gets her to give the key to his freedom, which he does not know exists in what form it is highly abstract. The 16-episode series is over an hour long each.

Mask Girl:

Mask Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Another Korean show that has garnered a lot of attention to the extent that it is going to be renewed for a second season really soon, Mask Girl, follows the story of the hypocrisy and the power of a mask. The idea of not being seen can make people do a lot of things. People are voyeurs on the inside. It pushes them to act on their darkest desires and sometimes makes things really wrong. What happens when, in this age of progress in social media, we all are still not evolved by a single inch? A woman who is trying to find her identity in this hopeless world feels sad when she does not get the validation she deserves. Due to low self-esteem, she turns to the virtual world. She faces the dark web, both in a metaphorical and literal manner.

The people treat her like she’s an object.  Even though things start smoothly, and she feels she’s back on track, her colleague gets involved, and more sinister things turn out.

The power of this series lies in the fact that the woman does not lose her patience and still stands her ground till she has sorted the problem out fully, despite not having restored of her self-confidence at any step.

Who is Erin Carter?

Who is Erin Carter? | Official Trailer | Netflix

The one time we do something wrong, and our friend just asks us what is wrong with you? Who are you? This is what happened when Erin went to a supermarket in Spain. And despite leading the normal life of a British teacher, she is a woman of responsibility, a mother, a wife, and is very submissive. That one incident is where she turns out to be a trained fighter.

The entire show revolves around who she is and where she comes from. Why does she know these high-level training skills, and is there a chance that she can be an agent, whether she is in disguise and can be a threat to her family? All these things, and the idea of being on a mission, patriarchy, and patriotism, are all captured in the show really well.

Chosen One:

The Chosen One | Official Teaser | Netflix

The Chosen One is eerie, unsettling, and chilling because it follows the story of a village where doctors are being sent to vaccinate all the residents due to some upcoming virus that is going to hit, but when they go there, they find their own secrets that even Science is not able to answer. A young boy realizes that he is the chosen one by Jesus Christ and has the powers of Jesus himself. He thinks because of that, he can take things into his control and act as a dictator to that entire community. However, the doctors want to intervene and say that it might be a Psychological problem, and the residents are really angry as their beliefs are being triggered. What starts off as a reasoning between science and logic, as well as Paranormal Activity, slowly turns into something more. What if the child who is claiming to be Jesus is actually possessed by a demon? What if he’s actually mentally sick? Or what if he’s pushed to do this by a cult? All these answers can only be found in the show, which is originally in Portuguese but streamed by audiences in English.

The Good Doctor:

The Good Doctor – Official Trailer

Being a doctor is a great responsibility. You are known to take care of the people unconditionally and be responsible towards them, and it is an oath to save each and every one of them without discriminating. Dr. Shaun joins a hospital as a young doctor, but no one wants to socialize with him, more so because he is an autistic doctor and strategize to just shun him away. However, he wants to prove his worth by treating the patients well, and when more patients start visiting the hospital and taking his name, it is only time that people realize Shaun is a gem.

There are multiple seasons of the show, but all the characters and the drama, as well as the life of a doctor and how they treat romance, are all captured very well, along with the power of friendship and how it can help you deal with sensitive moments like death is also portrayed very well here.


Glamorous | Official Trailer | Netflix

Having a startup can be interesting. What happens when a makeup-obsessed tutorial person who wants to build his brand while working shifts at a mall gets a chance to meet the woman who is his dream entrepreneur? She runs a beauty brand herself and is an icon, too. Will she mentor him or take him in as a competition?

What is the drama that is going to unfold? The power of business and the struggles of being someone who aspires to have a dream that is different? Glamorous tries to see that all that glitter is not gold. Watch these 10 episodes with the watch time between 40 minutes and 45 minutes to understand how the world of fashion and beauty is not as beautiful as it seems.