Top 4 must-watch crime shows on Netflix right now

Top 4 Must-Watch Crime Shows on Netflix Right Now
Credit: Netflix

A selection of must-see crime dramas, ranging from Breaking Bad to The End of the F***ing World.

Netflix is the most popular streaming service platform, and it has become the go-to place to watch a wide range of movies, documentaries, and television shows.

However, with so many shows to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to watch next. So, for your next viewing, take a look at our list of the four must-see crime shows on Netflix.

Breaking Bad (2008–2013)

Top 4 Must-Watch Crime Shows on Netflix Right Now
Credit: Netflix
  • Created by: Vince Gilligan
  • No. of seasons: 5

Undoubtedly, Breaking Bad is one of the most incredible things that ever happened to television. This year marks ten years since the last episode aired. However, the series is still as popular today as it first aired. It is still one of Netflix’s most-watched series as it keeps on appearing in the Top 10 list of the streaming service. 

The ensemble cast is one-of-a-kind, and they all played their roles flawlessly. 

  • Bryan Cranston as Walter White 
  • Anna Gunn as Skyler White 
  • Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman 
  • Dean Norris as Hank Schrader 
  • Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader
  • RJ Mitte as Walter White, Jr.
  • Giancarlo Esposito Gustavo “Gus” Fring 
  • Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman 
  • Jonathan Ray Banks  as Mike Ehrmantraut 
  • Laura Fraser  as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle 
  • Jesse Plemons as Todd Alquist

Assume you want to watch a series that will keep you entertained from beginning to end and keep you on the edge of your seat. Breaking Bad is precisely the right show for you.

Each season, the drama improves, culminating in one of the best finale episodes to say goodbye to these iconic characters who have graced the screens. 

A movie, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, released in 2019, continues the story. The synopsis reveals that the movie serves as a sequel and epilogue to the television series.

It continues the story of Jesse Pinkman, who teamed up with former teacher Walter White to become the kingpins of an Albuquerque crystal meth empire throughout the series. 

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Official Trailer | Netflix

Inventing Anna (2022)

Top 4 Must-Watch Crime Shows on Netflix Right Now
Credit: Netflix
  • Created by: Shonda Rhimes 
  • No. of seasons: 1

This series has taken the Internet by storm. Inventing Anna is available on Netflix. The show was based on Anna Delvey Sorokin’s real life. She decided to pretend to be a sole German heir and defrauded US banks, hotel chains, and educational institutions.

The cast includes: 

  • Anna Chlumsky as Vivian Kent
  • Julia Garner as Anna Sorokin
  • Arian Moayed as Todd Spodek
  • Katie Lowes as Rachel Williams
  • Alexis Floyd as Neff Davis
  • Anders Holm as Jack
  • Anna Deavere Smith as Maud
  • Jeff Perry as Lou
  • Terry Kinney as Barry
  • Laverne Cox as Kacy Duke

The episodes become much more captivating as you progress, and each is entwined with a slew of familiar Shondaland thesps. Despite the intertwined storylines, the plot is simple: Anna is a liar, and that’s how she got busted. The story is gripping not for what Anna did but also because of the magnitude of what she nearly accomplished.

Inventing Anna | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Serpent (2021)

Top 4 Must-Watch Crime Shows on Netflix Right Now
Credit: Netflix
  • Created by: Mammoth Screen
  • No. of seasons: 1 (8-episode limited series)

The 8-episode limited series tells the story of a terrifying tale based on actual events. The Serpent follows the story of conman Charles Sobhraj and his accomplice Marie-Andrée Leclerc as they murder and steal from travelers on the Asian “Hippie Trail” in the 1970s. A way of alternate tourism which was at peak popular back in the days due to it being a much cheaper option available for the ones who loved to travel. 

In real life, Sobhraj was responsible for nearly a dozen murders. Tahar Rahim’s performance is haunting and delivers each dialogue in an eerie way, making the series enjoyable. 

The cast includes: 

  • Tahar Rahim as Charles Sobhraj
  • Jenna Coleman as Marie-Andrée Leclerc
  • Billy Howle as Herman Knippenberg
  • Ellie Bamber as Angela Knippenberg (later Angela Kane)
  • Amesh Edireweera as Ajay Chowdhury
  • Tim McInnerny as Paul Siemons
  • Chicha Amatayakul as Suda Romyen

It’s an infamous tale in the glitz of Asian ex-pat life, demonstrating how easily such devilish people can blend into mainstream society. Sometimes, it makes you uncomfortable to think about it, which is good as it makes you aware of such schemes people may try to do. 

The combined effect of tragedy and suspense creates a tense season that holds the audience’s attention. It’s a TV mini-series, not a documentary. Instead, it divides its time between the horrifying events of Sobhraj’s murderous rampage and the investigation into his atrocities.

The Serpent | Official Trailer | Netflix

The End of the F***ing World (2017-2019)

Top 4 Must-Watch Crime Shows on Netflix Right Now
Credit: Netflix
  • Created by:  Jonathan Entwistle
  • No. of seasons: 2

A Netflix series that premiered and captured hearts in just two seasons is one of the best series right now. The End of the F***ing World is a chillingly dark story about James, a teenager who suspects he may be a psychopath, and Alyssa, his schoolmate, who is fed up with the world. 

They go on a road trip, and the consequences are horrifyingly macabre. The plot also includes scenes that ultimately stand out as an excellent scripted dark comedy. 

The cast includes: 

  • Alex Lawther as James
  • Jessica Barden as Alyssa
  • Naomi Ackie as Bonnie
  • Gemma Whelan as Eunice Noon
  • Wunmi Mosaku as Teri Darego
  • Steve Oram as Phil
  • Christine Bottomley as Gwen
  • Navin Chowdhry as Tony
  • Jonathan Aris as Clive Koch
  • Barry Ward as Leslie Foley

The episode does not pass the 22 minutes mark and is a quick watch that can be completed in one sitting. The main reason is the fast pace of the episodes, which makes it interesting to watch, and it remains true to the previous season. 

Critics praised the cast’s performances and the show’s ending, which remained faithful to the graphic novel it is based on, first published in 2011.

The End of the F***ing World | Fake Rom Com Trailer | Netflix

All of the series listed are available to stream on Netflix.