Top 5 BLACKPINK songs to listen this week

Credit: Instagram

The most renowned girl group in K-pop origins is BLACKPINK, who has dominated the nation’s music scene for years. The group’s talent has been a global ambassador for numerous music prizes. Nearly all of the songs on their albums are top hits. With the release of the second studio album, Born Pink, the biggest K-Pop girl group in the world, BLACKPINK, is presently on tour throughout the globe.

The performances have been a success generally thus far, despite the controversy that always follows the four Pinks, and Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa have treated us to performances of some of their best hits as well as a number of songs from their most recent album.

We have made a list of 5 personalized BLACKPINK songs that are recommended for this week. 

Playing With Fire (2016)


Playing With Fire, one of the best and most incisive examples of the tropical house movement in K-pop, succeeds thanks to a fantastic arrangement that emphasizes the music and vocals simultaneously to produce a chill dance track that is cool and sexy, and endlessly replayable. It’s a nearly flawless example of the genre it picked, masterfully evoking freedom and happiness with its understated yet absolutely powerful sound.

Lovesick Girls (2020)

BLACKPINK - 'Lovesick Girls' M/V

BLACKPINK defied all expectations with the release of Lovesick Girls, a gorgeous, melodramatic pop-rock song that was preceded by arguably of the group’s least appealing tracks. Lovesick Girls, in my opinion, the singer’s redemption arc, threw out all of my least favorite elements of the group’s earlier works and gave us a melodically inclined anthem with a timeless pop sheen that’s only grown more and more exciting with time. That Pink Venom had to come after a song with such a beautiful chorus is such a tragedy.

Don’t Know What To Do (2019)

BLACKPINK - ‘Don't Know What To Do’ 0407 SBS Inkigayo

Don’t Know What To Do, a ballroom chorus for the ages that further demonstrated BLACKPINK’s inherent affinity for these kinds of pop anthems, places all of its bets on its majestic core drop, a dangerous investment that enormously rewards the listener. The track is transformed into a genuine, dance floor-tearing banger by the heavenly, ascending post-chorus, which adds the crucial sense of catharsis.

Stay (2016)


Stay is a beautiful folk style, a guitar-led track that is the most underrated and minimal of the group’s singles. The group forgoes the pretense of awesomeness to deliver a chorus. The harmonica boom gives a song that thrives on its performers—who deftly manoeuvre this stunning backdrop to deliver Stay’s lovely primary refrain—a good dose of personality. I hope that in the future, there will be more songs like this one.

Boombayah (2016)


Boombayah, BLACKPINK’s first single, used a powerful club-ready sound to create a very exciting hype track that set them up as 2NE1’s replacements. It’s an absolute blast, capturing all the now-iconic BLACKPINK peculiarities without seeming annoying. One that’s getting harder and harder to find in the group’s more recent efforts.

Also, BLACKPINK’s chic and contemporary sense of style must not be overlooked. These females know how to make a disclaimer with their wardrobe choices, from their legendary stage ensembles to their streetwear styles. Their fashion sense has grown so well-liked that many followers have begun to adopt it, which has increased their notoriety. Furthermore, you can listen to these above-listed songs on Amazon Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and in their official YouTube channel BLACKPINK.