Top 5 healthy foods to include in your diet

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“If you monitor what you put on your plate, you can live a long and healthy life.”

The Internet has taken over our lifestyles and has created a mental image in people’s minds that surgical procedures or filters are the only options for achieving the perfect godly body shape and structure. On the other hand, it only takes determination and motivation to incorporate the right diet plan to avoid junk food.

Keep the best exercises in your daily routine to take care of your body and get the curves you’ve always desired. Try to set aside some time to experiment with new ways to live a healthy lifestyle, and you can get effective results if you follow them religiously. 

Here are some of the best healthy foods that we have listed for you to consider below:

Chia seeds

healthy foods

Chia seeds are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids and are rich in antioxidants that help provide the necessary amount of fiber, calcium, and iron to the body. Moreover, it is also considered one of the best options available to get the required nourishment to the skin to bring the natural glow back. These can be consumed daily by adding a tablespoon of chia seeds to water. 


  • Omega-3 fatty acids help raise the good cholesterol that combats and protects against strokes and heart attacks.
  • Reduces various health risks.
  • It helps bring out a natural and healthy complexion, increases energy, and reduces weight.
  • Rich in Calcium, Fiber, and Iron is essential for the nourishment of the body.


healthy foods

Although milk is widely available, full-fat dairy, also known as full cream, is what you should be looking for. It should be consumed because it contains a lot of calcium and protein, necessary for stronger bones and leaner muscle mass. Milk contains both slow-digesting and fast-digesting proteins that help with weight loss. Milk is a component of protein shakes. Benefits:

  • Enriched with Vitamin B and D, Phosphorus, and Potassium.
  • Promotes the growth and health of the bone structure.
  • It provides quality protein for the nourishment of the body.


healthy foods

Eggs are readily available in almost every household. An egg has about 6 grams of protein which is more than our body needs. It is instructed to eat about 2 -3 whole eggs per week. An egg is one of the best options for a firm and toned body. 

It is rich in different amino acids that help to boost muscle build. Apart from consuming whole eggs, you can try hard-boiled eggs too. Try to finish it without yolk if you have high cholesterol, as the white part tends to have the most protein. 


  • Rich in protein and provides good cholesterol.
  • It is highly nutritious in providing Vitamin B12 and B, Selenium, and Riboflavin.
  • Provides more energy.
  • It helps to stimulate the glutes and muscles.


healthy foods

Fish is one of the best options to get the necessary amount of Omega-3 fatty acids as it is loaded with essential nutrients. Some examples are Salmon and Tuna. They are a rich protein source that helps build muscles in the body. 

Fish also has many beneficial properties that help restore the health of the skin and liver. These properties help lift and shape the body and bring the natural glow back. 


  • Excellent source of Vitamin D and B2.
  • It helps to combat the threat of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Reduces the risk of Autoimmune diseases.
  • Improves the health of the skin and the brain.

Chicken breast

healthy foods

People who work out or train every day know that chicken breast has many advantages for the body’s overall growth. Chicken breast is skinless and boneless, easy to cook, quick to consume, and loved by many non-vegetarians worldwide. 

Trainers in gyms also advise their clients to include it in their food chart. It is high in protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, and B12. If you consume half a chicken, it constitutes around 142 calories that help bring energy to the body and make the body structure more toned and lean. 


  • Reduces the risk of cancer development.
  • It helps to boost metabolism.
  • It is a natural antidepressant that helps to relax the body.
  • Controls blood pressure.

Remember this

  • Finally, to achieve a lifted and toned body structure, you must adapt to the right choices. 
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating workout routines and adequate nutrient intake. 
  • Maintain a positive attitude and push yourself to achieve your goals. 
  • The items listed above are purely recommendations.