Top 5 Korean Movies You Should Watch On Netflix This Week

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Credit: Netflix

The year 2020 left such an impact on the world when Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” made history in Korean cinema by receiving a long list of awards, including a few Academy Awards.

But even before Korean cinema started accumulating loads of attention, the industry had been making amazeballs movie for decades.

As people’s interest gets piqued on more Korean content, a giant streamer like Netflix keeps its customers happy and satisfied with their own growing collection of foreign content to easily satisfy the demands across the world.

Here are top 5 new Korean movies you should watch on Netflix this week.

1. Kill Boksoon:

Kill Boksoon | Official Trailer 2 | Netflix

Released on 31st of March, “Kill Boksoon” soon enough topped the Netflix global top 10 non-English chart with over 19 million hours views within the first week, according to Netflix.

The crime-action film revolves around a mother who is interchanging jobs from an assassin to a mother of a 15 year old kid. Gil Bok-soon, played by Jeon Do-yeon, is top notch at her work, although killing somebody is a concept never introduced to her. But at home she faces difficulty in being an equally good parent.

2. Unlocked:

Unlocked | Official Trailer | Netflix

“Unlocked” is a disturbingly unnerving thriller that showcases the dreadful truth of identity theft.
The life of Lee Na-mi, played by Chun Woo-hee, takes a complete turnaround when the phone she forgets on the bus falls into the hand of a psychopath.

“Unlocked” is based on the novel by the same name by Akira Teshigawara, the film came out on February 17 and topped the Netflix chart with over 16 million hour views in its second week, according to Netflix.

3. 20th Century Girl:

20th Century Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

“20th Century Girl” is a pleasant, wonderfully shot film written and directed by Woo-ri Bang. The movie is set in the new millennium in 1999, “20th Century Girl” revolves around a sweet and tender hearted teenager, Na Bo-Ra (Kim Yoo-jeong), who has a fanciful imagination. When asked by her best friend to keep an eye on a popular boy in her class, Na Bo-Ra is blown away by romantic tendencies towards the boy. By stressing upon the use of outdated technologies from the late 1990s, “20th Century Girl” toys with modern tropes through a lens of nostalgia, allowing the audiences to take a trip down memory lane about easier and simpler times, both in terms of society and recollecting that first crush.

4. Space Sweepers:

Space Sweepers | Official Trailer | Netflix

Doesn’t matter which genre you wanna watch Korean movies have got you covered, including sci-fi. This 2021 film, “Space Sweepers,” is set in the year 2092, when earth has fallen and it’s impossible to live on earth anymore, when everyone who has been able to go out to space to live. UTS a big corporation that has begun building an orbiting structure that could help bring a few hand picked citizens to live in a constructed utopia.

But people who are not so well off are out of luck, and that also includes a vast number of people who work as “Space Sweepers,” or people who accumulate scrap from space around earth to sell for survival. “Space Sweepers” revolves around a closely bonded crew of these workers who must fight against UTS when they come across a fugitive little girl known as Dorothy (Park Ye-rin) who is highly sought after by the corporation. UTS claims that she’s actually a robot weapon, but crew on the other hand have found their love interest, so the battle of dilemma starts over if to sell her for riches or protect her against all odds.

5. The Call:

The Call | Official Trailer | Netflix

“The Call” is a unique and one of a kind time-loop film that makes us question what if or if only, it masters the spellbind tension on its audience. The nerve-wracking thriller depicts a serial killer from 20 years in the past who is in touch with a woman in modern day through an old phone. Through the innumerable acts of artful manoeuvres by the former, the latter’s life is led through a series of steep turns and bends, each one more devastating than the last.