Top 6 romantic shows to watch this weekend

romantic shows
Credits: Netflix

There is a reason why the romantic show is arguably the most well-liked. People just relate to love because we all yearn for it, can recognize it, and enjoy the feeling of others who are experiencing it. Whether you are a teenager, an adult, or a mid-ager, romantic shows are best for every age group, and you can select one according to your choice.

You get to experience the feeling of first love, intimate romance, dating etiquette, small fights, patch-ups, and sometimes break-up in these romantic shows. Romantic TV series just provide so much more entertainment, from the seductive and feisty to the passionate and thoughtful. Online streaming platforms have a fantastic selection of romantic shows that will satisfy all of your love desire. But as there are plenty of options, we often get confused while selecting the best one. For your benefit, we have already compiled a list of the top romantic TV series that are worth watching.

Love and Anarchy (Netflix)

Love & Anarchy | Official Trailer | Netflix

This rom-com is about a young IT Guy and a married consultant who recently joined a new firm. It all begins one fine day when the IT Guy sees the consultant masturbating inside her office cabin. Both didn’t like each other in the beginning, but it’s interesting to watch a series of everyday fights and challenges between the two that will eventually make them close, and how it will impact her married life will also be interesting to watch.

Heartstopper  (Netflix)

Heartstopper | Official Trailer | Netflix

Teens in this coming-of-age series, Charlie and Nick, learn that their unexpected friendship might be more as they deal with school and their first love.

Dash & Lilly (Netflix)

Dash & Lilly Official trailer (HD) Season 1 (2020)

A challenge notebook that Lilly created connected her with Dash and brought them together in the romantic drama series Dash & Lilly. Dash recounts in the book how much he despises Christmas Eve yet longs to meet Lilly. To meet Lilly, Dash needs to finish all the tasks in the book.

Afterlife (Netflix)

After Life | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Sometimes romance emerges from tragedy and gets to you when you are least thinking about it. This is about a man who reconsiders his suicide plan after the death of his wife. Instead, he makes the decision to get revenge on the entire world for what it did to her. But even though he acts recklessly and carelessly, his actions only pull people closer to him and ultimately aid in his improvement as a person. After Life isn’t just about romance but what impact it leaves on you.

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Amazon Prime)

The Summer I Turned Pretty - Official Trailer | Prime Video

A romantic triangle between two brothers and a girl. It’s a tale of first love, first heartache, and the enchantment of one particularly wonderful summer. Summertime has always been Belly’s favorite season because it brings her favorite activities, like going to the beach and spending time with Conrad and Jeremiah. Since she can remember, she has spent each summer at Beach with them. She had loved Conrad for as long as she could remember, and one summer, it finally seemed as though he might feel the same way. But as it turns out, Jeremiah also does. As the summers go, Belly has to decide on whose heart she wants to break among the two brothers.

Snowdrop (Disney+ Hotstar)

No Ordinary Love Story | Snowdrop | Disney+

This magnificent love tale takes place in Seoul in 1987, where a student from a famous university unexpectedly showed up covered in blood at the women’s dorm, and YoungCho, a student, gives him shelter and cares for him during this emergency.