Top 6 steamiest shows on Netflix that are too hot to handle

Sex/Life Season 2
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With the advancement of time, the awkwardness that often accompanies taboo topics, sex, for example, has fortunately reduced. With that arose the relationship between sex and entertainment. From 50 Shades to 365 Days, the entertainment industry has been successful in luring the audience towards such content and gratifying their desires in ways that were previously considered to be obscene or vulgar. Since platforms like Netflix are subscription services, rules that apply to broadcast television do not apply here.

However, watching such movies is not always the method for satiating one’s erotic desires since these movies are not only about sex. They cover serious issues like female empowerment, education, and an apt depiction of realities.

So, we have collected for you the 6 steamiest shows that you can watch on Netflix.

Top 6 sexiest shows to watch on Netflix

1. Sex/Life

"Sex/Life" (2021) season 1 HD Trailer [1080p]

Sex/Life revolves around the life of a bored suburban housewife Billie Bonnelly (a role reprised by Sarah Shahi), who fantasizes about her 20s in New York and the resulting slew of affairs. Among them, we are introduced to Brad. However, Sex/Life is not only about this. It asks deeper questions about parenthood and marriage.

2. Elite

Elite | Official Trailer | Netflix

If you’ve seen Elite, then you know why we’ve added this show here. It follows the life of a group of teens whose lives turn topsy-turvy after one of their classmates was murdered. Apart from the visual depiction of sex and satiation of erotic desires, the show also depicts the exponential rift between the haves and have-nots.

3. Sex Education

Sex Education | Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Any mention of steamy, even remotely, should consider Sex Education first and foremost. Sex Education follows the life of Otis Milburn (role reprised by Asa Butterfield), who unintentionally begins to give therapy and sex advice to college peers. Son, his crush Maeve Wiley joins his team and formalizes his operation.

If the title has sex in it, you must have probably guessed how much sex the series would depict. But as mentioned earlier, these shows, including Sex Education, are not just about sex; they have a larger social function. They destroy the taboos surrounding sex and deal with racism, sexism, transphobia, sexual health, and many more social complexities.

4. She’s Gotta Have It

She’s Gotta Have It: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

She’s Gotta Have It is a reboot of Spike Lee’s titular movie, following the life of Nola Darling (a role reprised by DeWanda Wise), who is trying to balance out all the arenas of her life in Brooklyn. By including a lot of sexual scenes, this show is trying to deal with women’s emancipation. Nola Darling, by having multiple affairs just for the sake of it, is trying to assert her individuality and make powerful decisions for herself.

5. Lovesick

Lovesick | Trailer: From Flatmates to Soulmates [HD] | Netflix

Lovesick follows the life of Dylan Witter, who has been diagnosed with Chlamydia. As a result, he decides to call all of his former partners and update them on his status. This show is a concoction of Dylan’s present moments and his flashbacks. Formerly titled Scrotal Recall, Lovesick is a heart-warming mixture of humor and love.

6. Masters of Sex

Have you ever heard of someone getting a Master’s degree in sex? No? Well, then, meet Drs. William Masters and Virginia Johnson who might not turn you on with their lab coats and statistical analyses, but their sexual curiosity can.