Top K-Pop idols and their original names you must know

Credits: Wikimedia

The Korean wave has spread all over the world, thanks to the K-Pop idols who are now international sensations. However, many are unaware of the fact that these K-Pop stars have been entertaining the world since around the 80s! They have charmed us not only with their talents, but also with their personalities, and of course, stage names.

When we talk about stage names, the K-Pop idols have a unique way of doing the same. You will hardly see anyone using their original names on stage. This fun tradition helps add an extra fun dimension to how the audience sees the idols. It is fun to see when these celebrities show a different side of themselves when performing under different names.

While most of their names are simple and straightforward, a few of them have chosen stage names with hidden meanings too. In this article, we will be looking at some of the top K-Pop idols, their original names, and the hidden meanings behind their stage names.

J-Hope (BTS)

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There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of J-Hope, the sweet guy from Bangtan Boys. Also known as Hobi, his real name is Jung Ho-Seok. But do you know about the symbolic meaning of his stage name? Well, it has been drawn from the Greek myth of Pandora’s box. According to the same, when all the evils will be spilled into the world, all that remains is hope. So that is how Hobi got his name for giving hope and encouragement to everyone including his team members.


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Credits: SOLAR/Instagram

Solar, who is a vital member of MAMAMOO, is one of the most popular K-Pop idols. Her real name is Kim Yong Sun. So, the name Solar is derived from the last syllable of her original name, Sun. And every one of us knows its English meaning, isn’t it?


k-pop idols
Credits: xuminghao/Instagram

This handsome guy has got the most unique name of all group members. The8’s original name is Xu Minghao. Many fans are unaware that he is of Chinese origin. 8 is considered a lucky number by the Chinese people. Moreover, 8 also symbolizes the infinity gesture that he makes when interacting with fans.

Haechan (NCT)

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Haechan’s original name is Lee Dong-Hyuck. However, did you know that SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo Man gave Haechan his original name? The term means shine up uprightly and that rightly speaks up for the sunshine in his face.


BTS Suga

Suga aka Agust D is an integral part of BTS. His name is just the name Suga spelled backward. On, the other hand, T, and D stand for his former rap crew named D-Town. By the way, did you know that Suga’s original name is Min Yoon-gi?

So, these are some of the top K-Pop idols and their original names. As mentioned earlier, all their stage names have a hidden meaning that also speaks out for their characters and personalities. There is no denying that these idols have left no stone unturned in entertaining the audiences.