Transplant Season 3: Release date, cast, plot, trailer and more updates

Transplant Season 3: What is the new release date at NBC?
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Yes, the reports are true! Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed will be back soon! Continue reading to find out more about Transplant Season 3.

Are you ready to meet Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed from Syria, who came to Canada as a refugee during the Syrian Civil War and is rebuilding his career as a medical resident in the emergency department at the fictional York Memorial Hospital in Toronto? If so, then we can assure you that the new season is going to be even more exciting than before! So, if you are curious to know all about the latest details, then you have reached the right place to get all your answers!

It’s finally time to follow his extraordinary journey by delving deeper into the lives of our beloved characters, which is nothing short of sweet and what made this show so popular. For your convenience, we have got you covered with all the latest updates that will be helpful for you to understand the new developments that have been disclosed by the network so far, which will definitely leave you craving more details! Here is everything we know so far about Transplant Season 3.

Transplant Season 3: What is the new release date at NBC?

Transplant Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere on NBC?

Attention readers! The beloved Canadian medical drama television series, which was created by Joseph Kay and renewed for a third season by CTV and NBC, is now confirmed to make its official comeback on Thursday, October 12, 2023, at 9 p.m. on NBC, sandwiched between Law & Order Universe encores and Dateline. It will now premiere a week later than its original Thursday, October 5, 2023, release on NBC. It will also be available to stream on Peacock the next day. In order to receive updates, interested viewers can also enable notifications on the respective streaming platform.   

It is great to know that the series will be back for a new season this year on the NBC network, as it has not been delayed due to the ongoing 2023 Hollywood labour disputes. In addition to this, the third season has already premiered on September 23, 2022, on CTV, as it is a Canadian series. Moreover, Etalk, a company owned by CTV, said that season three will have 13 one-hour episodes. Hence, there is a bit of a difference in the release date of the new season when compared to its now-confirmed premiere date, which is set on the NBC network.  

Side Note: In March 2023, the series was renewed for a fourth season by CTV.

Transplant Season 3: What is the new release date at NBC?

Transplant Season 3 Plot: What to expect from the new season?

The official overall synopsis of the series states: “Transplant follows the story of Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed (Hamza Haq), a talented doctor and Syrian refugee, who fled his war-torn country with his younger sister, Amira (Sirena Gulamgaus), for a fresh start in Canada. After a truck crashes into the restaurant where he’s been working, Bash earns the chance to practice medicine again by using his field-honed skills to save multiple lives in brilliant fashion, including that of Dr. Jed Bishop (John Hannah), the chief of Emergency Medicine at York Memorial Hospital in Toronto.”

The official synopsis of the new season states: The new season of “Transplant” finds Bashir “Bash” Hamed (Hamza Haq, “My Salinger Year”) continuing his journey to start over, but with each new milestone comes a new challenge. While pursuing Canadian citizenship for himself and his younger sister, Amira (Sirena Gulamgaus, “Orphan Black”), Bash closely examines who he’s becoming in his adopted country.

Bash, still being asked repeatedly to prove himself, works closely with his colleagues as they move forward following the dramatic conclusion of Season 2. Everyone continues to find themselves looking to adapt to change and understand how they fit in, both within and beyond the walls of York Memorial Hospital. After Dr. Bishop’s shocking departure, the team gains a new boss with the forward-thinking Dr. Neeta Devi (Rekha Sharma, “Yellowjackets”). Dr. Devi has big ideas when it comes to overhauling the emergency department at York Memorial.

Transplant Season 3: What is the new release date at NBC?

Transplant Season 3 Cast: Who will reprise their roles?

The main cast members of the show who will reprise their roles for the new season of “Transplant” are as follows: Laurence Leboeuf as Dr. Magalie “Mags” Leblanc, Ayisha Issa as Dr. June Curtis, Jim Watson as Dr. Theo Hunter, Torri Higginson as head nurse Claire Malone, Gord Rand as Dr. Mark Novak and Sirena Gulamgaus as Amira. Creator Joseph Kay serves as showrunner and executive producer. Rachel Langer, Josée Vallée, Jocelyn Deschênes, Bruno Dubé and Stefan Pleszczynski also executive produce. “Transplant” is produced by Sphere Media in association with CTV and Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group.

Moreover, Haq revealed in a July 2022 interview that fans will see a new side of Bash in Season 3 of Transplant as he continues to build his confidence in the hospital.  

“We see a different version Bash than we’ve seen in the past… There’s a bit more confidence and arrogance that he can exude,” Haq said. “Because obviously he thinks very highly of himself as a doctor and considered himself highly capable, but there’s always been this like protocol thing where you can’t prove it…”  He continued, “I think without that tension or that pressure that’s being put on him, I think he’s able to flourish and flex his chops more as an individual, for better or for worse. So, you know, as far as Bash’s storyline is concerned, I think we’ll see a different version of him than what you’ve seen before.”

Transplant Season 3: What is the new release date at NBC?

Transplant Season 3 Episodes and Streaming Options

As previously reported, the third season will consist of 13 one-hour episodes, for which the network has already published additional information regarding the official episode titles along with the respective synopsis summary, which we have listed below for your convenience. Though we caution you, it contains some major spoilers, so if you want to know them, we recommend skipping this section of the article.

Season 3 Episode 1: Fracture: Bash’s decisions lead to conflict with the new chief of emergency medicine; Mags struggles to save a patient who thinks the system gave up on her; June has trouble with her new roommate and gets a work proposal from Novak; Theo has trouble adapting.

Season 3 Episode 2: Baggage: Bash treats a man with a rare medical condition; Mags gets a visit from her parents and goes above and beyond for a pregnant woman with an undiagnosed condition; a misunderstanding with a rabies patient lands Theo in trouble.

Season 3 Episode 3: Hospital Beige: Bash treats a woman whose ketamine therapy goes awry; Mags loses confidence in her new boss; June realizes she has too much on her plate; Theo reunites with a young former patient whose life may depend on the death of another patient.

Season 3 Episode 4: Multiple Choices: Bash finds himself at odds with his direct supervisor while they treat a couple of skydivers with a unique relationship; Mags speaks out against her supervising doctor; a mistake comes back to bite Theo.

Season 3 Episode 5: Nadir: Recovering from a personal crisis, Mags worries about how to get her life back on track; Bash takes an unorthodox approach to treating a soldier with PTSD; Theo treats a terminally ill child whose father is desperate for a drug trial.

Season 3 Episode 6: Audition: Bash and Amira have an argument over her future; Bash treats a diabetic woman who is overly dependent on her 18-year-old son; Mags questions herself as she adjusts to very limited parameters.

Transplant Season 3: What is the new release date at NBC?

Season 3 Episode 7: Work to Rule: Bash reels from Amira’s bold decision; tensions flare at an after-work dinner party; Devi struggles to keep her staff in line as turmoil erupts over her leadership; Mags treats a highly sensitive person; Theo considers breaking some hospital rules.

Season 3 Episode 8: And So It Goes: Bash’s life is scrutinized during his citizenship interview; when treating survivors of a building fire, Theo needs Bash’s help with a scared young boy; Mags helps a recovering addict who swallowed her keys; June and Bash treat estranged brothers.

Season 3 Episode 9: Rumination: Bash’s psychiatrist suggests an unexpected form of therapy; Mags gets evicted and meets an old patient who holds a grudge; Theo makes some questionable choices with a patient’s mother; June’s personal and professional worlds collide.

Season 3 Episode 10: Unstuck in Time: Bash tries saving a couple whose wedding was waylaid by gunfire; Mags’ demanding teen patient needs birth control; June struggles with an old habit; an activist patient puts Theo in his place.

Season 3 Episode 11: A Sort of Homecoming: A software glitch takes down the emergency department; Bash explores new terrain; Mags searches for a new cardiologist; June is fed up with her bosses; Theo attempts a stable dating life.

Season 3 Episode 12: Tariq: Bash faces an important figure from his past and must solve a public health crisis; hospital administration calls Devi’s leadership into question; Mags doubts all of her choices; June is asked to oversee a sensitive procedure.

Season 3 Episode 13: The Luxury of Memory: Bash has a major realization; Mags faces an overwhelming health crisis; Devi stands behind her choices; June confronts loss; Theo witnesses a devastating event.

When available, you can watch Transplant Season 3 exclusively on NBC (app and website) and CTV. It will also be available to stream on Peacock, where membership on the streaming platform is available for both the ad-supported plan and the ad-free option. The series is also available to stream by renting or purchasing on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu, which is based on the user’s location and preference and allows viewers to watch new episodes based on when the episode airs worldwide. You can also use VPNs to stream the show in case you might not be able to watch this content because of geo-blocking.

Transplant Season 3: What is the new release date at NBC?

Transplant Season 3 Official Trailer: Has it been released? 

The official trailer for the third season was previously released by CTV Television, as the show has already aired the new season in Canada on September 23, 2022, as it concluded its official run earlier this year on February 3, 2023. 

The delayed release in the US is due to NBC acquiring the U.S. broadcast rights for the series and announcing that season 3 would premiere on October 12, 2023, moving to Thursdays at 9 p.m. to fill the timeslot of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The Law & Order series was pushed back to mid-season of the 2023–24 season due to the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike and the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike delaying certain productions, although Law & Order and SVU will air repeat episodes on Thursday at 8 p.m.

In addition to this, for international audiences in New Zealand, the series is available for streaming on TVNZ OnDemand. In French Canada, the series airs on Vrak, simultaneously with its broadcast on CTV and later on Noovo. In November 2020, Sky Witness acquired the UK rights to the drama after striking a deal with international distributor NBC Universal Global Distribution. In Brazil, the series is available for streaming on Globoplay. In Malaysia, the series aired on Primetime. In Australia, the series aired on Nine Network and is available to stream on 9Now.

Transplant Season 3 Premieres September 23

At last, catch up on all the previous seasons while you wait for more updates on Transplant Season 3 from the NBC network.