Travis Kelce fuels engagement and baby rumors with girlfriend Taylor Swift

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Credit: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Instagram

Is it happening for real?

On the “New Heights” podcast on Wednesday, Travis Kelce added to the speculations about getting engaged and having a baby with his girlfriend Taylor Swift by talking about lab-grown diamonds with his brother, Jason Kelce.

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“You can’t tell me that dude wasn’t made in a f–king lab over there in France,” he said referring to NBA star Victor Wembanyama, who is over 7 feet tall.

He also added “Lab-grown diamonds, that’s a lab-grown f–king NBA player. Can’t wait til I f–kin’ make one,” before his brother, Jason requested him to not continue this conversation any further as it would spark conspiracy theories, by saying “Don’t do this. Do not give any of these other conspiracy theorists anything else to latch onto, please.”

Fans were quick to react through their comments as one of them tweeted “This will get people to tune in that’s all I think this is if they we’re engaged or getting engaged I think Jason would be the one to hint at it not Travis also I really think it would be a family ring or vintage ring not a new ring,” while some of the other comments read “Mini me in coming [sic] 👀,” “Before he was begging for a date and now he was begging for a baby” and “DON’T TELL ME THAT U CANT WAIT TO MAKE BABIES WITH MY TAYYY TRAAAAVVVVVV WHATS GOING OOOONNNN.”

Some other netizens had different thoughts as they advised Swifties not to take the tight end’s comments too seriously, because the brothers often joke around on their show, as one comment on X (formerly Twitter) read, “you guys need to understand that they joke a lot in this podcast pls don’t take it seriously,” while another person wrote that “These theories [are] what brings hate to him and their relationship… Just stop and learn to take a joke.”

Even if it’s now or a little later, reports make it seem like whenever Travis decides to propose to Swift, he already has an expensive option for an engagement ring as Page Six’s report in January revealed that a Philadelphia jewelry designer Steven Singer offered Kelce a custom-made ring worth $1 million to propose to his lady.

“I recognize that the most renowned couple globally has an abundance of options when it comes to choosing engagement rings, should they decide to tie the knot. If they do, I would be honored to help design a truly extraordinary ring exclusively for them,” the owner of Steven Singer Jewelers told Page Six.

Another report by Page Six suggested that Travis may propose to his lady this summer as an insider claimed to the outlet in January saying that “Taylor and Travis discussed it and there is a plan. They will get engaged on their one-year anniversary in July.”