Travis Kelce reveals he’s feeling Valentine’s Day pressure

Travis Kelce hints at his family’s Christmas Day plans

Looks like Travis is feeling a little “pressure” as he’s trying to find a gift as special as his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, for their first Valentine’s together and he isn’t the only one, his brother Jason Kelce also wants to find “the right gift” for his wife, Kylie Kelce.

On the latest episode of their “New Heights” podcast, released on Wednesday January 10, the Kelce brothers admitted that they’re feeling the pressure to gift their partners the perfect present for Valentine’s Day, which shows that like any other couple, the Valentine’s gift-giving anxiety is no different for the Kelce brothers.

The brothers discussed what to buy their women for the upcoming holiday, on the episode, “Whether you’re feeling the Valentin Day pressure like Jason and I or trying to figure out the right gift for a significant other, Etsy is the go-to destination for adding that special touch,” Travis said advertising the new sponsors of their program.

“With both of us playing in the NFL for so many years, we’ve learned a thing or two about competition but when it comes to finding the perfect game winning gift for Valentine’s Day, Etsy is the real MVP,” Travis says, while reading from a prewritten ad.

Then Jason says, “With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s about that time of year I start shopping for something extra special for Kylie,” he then interrupted his spiel and admitted: “that’s kind of a lie, I usually do it last second just like every other man out here on the planet.” He continued by saying, “I usually get the same chocolates every year and the same flowers.”

To which Travis replied, “That’s adorable,” in a funny tone. The Kansas City Chiefs player didn’t reveal anything about his gift or his plans for the “love day” with his “Lover.” As of now, the reports suggest that Travis will be freed up by the holiday even if the Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl, which is scheduled on February 11, on the other hand, though Swift has shows on her Eras Tour in Australia before and after February 14, but she’s free on the actual holiday.

The new couple in town were recently seen celebrating their New Year’s Eve together at a party in Kansas City, Missouri as a fan-captured video of the lovebirds went viral on TikTok. The duo also spend Christmas together and so did their families as Taylor was seen supporting Kelce with both of their families for his game on Christmas day.