Travis Kelce’s ex Kayla Nicole reveals she’s ‘out of the athlete stage’

Credits: Kayla Nicole / Instagram

In a recent interview, while speaking on the “Behind the Likes” podcast, Travis Kelce’s ex, Kayla Nicole, who is a sports Journalist, talks about being “out of the athlete stage.”

“I’ll never say never, but I fully, wholeheartedly believe that I am out of the athlete stage,” Kayla said about her dating choices, right before describing the kind of people she’d like to date now, “I do think that I am attracted to men in positions of power and I also think that those types of men are attracted to me. … I would love to date an executive of a record label or a movie producer so that we can go to the sporting events. Let date night be courtside at the Laker game, that’s my kind of guy.”

Kayla made these new comments amidst the growing romance between ex-Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. In a separate interview with People Magazine, which happened three years ago, the influencer opened up about what effects a “major breakup” had on her health. Though she didn’t name Kelce while saying this, there we’ll known relationship lasted for quite a long period of time as they dated on and off from 2017 to 2022.

“Just full transparency, I went through this major breakup, major life change, and I had lost a substantial amount of weight within a very short amount of time, I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating. I was really abusing melatonin to sleep at night. I’m posting content and people are like, ‘You look so good. Tell us your tricks. You look amazing.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m miserable. I’m miserable. I’m depressed.’ My abs were amazing, I had a six-pack. And it was like, ‘I had never felt so bad in my life,’” she said.

While talking about how it’s “one thing to be physically fit” and it’s “another thing to be mentally fit, she also talked about the role of therapy in her journey.

“You could be in the best shape of your life, but mentally, if you are not a healthy person, it’s not going to feel good, I think that when your mind is in a healthy place, your body will follow,” she concluded.

She also talked about how she likes to work out, first thing in the morning, saying, “I genuinely say this and mean this — I don’t like who I am when I don’t work out, I’m naturally an anxious person. I’ve had some bouts with depression, and honestly, my fitness world has saved my life on numerous occasions.”