Travis Scott’s new music video ‘I KNOW?’ features Emily Ratajkowski and Anok Yai

Travis Emily
Credit: YouTube

‘I KNOW?’ gave us Goosebumps throughout the trippy music video.

On Tuesday, Travis Scott released a visual video for his new track ‘I KNOW?’ as a part of his Utopia album. The euphoric video that has picked up momentum since its release stars Emily Ratajkowski and rising fashion icon Anok Yai.

Through the lens of the “FE!N” rapper and Dave Meyers, a regular Scott collaborator, the load of the video takes inspiration from the very first opening lines of the song. It goes like, “Upstairs is like a low, my new bitches be the best / I’m lookin’ at her, when her startin’ to turn into you / Now you startin’ to f— up my mind, is it you, is it her?”

The shot opens with Scott in emotional melancholy, clearly heartbroken or agitated about something, whilst pacing around his luxury mansion. In tandem, another screen shows Ratajkowski performing the same activities even though they never seem to cross paths. It is as if they are in parallel dimensions mimicking each other without facing each other.

Travis Scott - I KNOW ? (Official Music Video)

This puts the rapper on a psychedelic trip where he is unable to maintain his grasp on reality with his girlfriend, played by Yai, and is constantly being deported to another dimension where he and Ratajkowski are in sync. She is like an imaginative figment of his constantly pulling him into her dimension with an invisible string. The only thing gluing his foot to the real world is Yai’s presence and her caresses, where she seems oblivious to what her man is going through.

Scott reiterates that he recognizes how his drug use can be a detriment to his relationships in the music video.

The 32-year-old model and author last appeared in Russian artist Dima Bilan’s “Inseparable” in 2016, along with dropping in for other headlining videos such as Taio Cruz’s “Fast Car,” Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’ “Blurred Lines” and Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody” in the early 2010s.

As a part of the father-of-two’s fourth studio album Utopia, which arrived in July 2023, I KNOW? released as a fourth single. Shortly after its release, the track reached the top 20 positions of the Billboard Hot 100. Another visual album for Utopia called Circus Maximus was also released, with Scott also releasing shared music videos for tracks like “God’s Country,” “Hyaena” and “Topia Twins” featuring Rob49 and 21 Savage.

Utopia also snuck its way into a nomination for the Best Rap Album at the upcoming Grammy Awards, this being the rapper’s 10th nomination. According to several reports gathered by People Magazine, the Grammy Awards will take place on Feb. 5 at Los Angeles’ Arena, where Scott is one of the performers.