Truth Be Told Season 3: Will it be the last season?

'Truth Be Told' to end with Season 3 at Apple TV+
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Get your farewells ready! It’s finally time to say goodbye to ‘Truth Be Told.’ To learn more about the last season, keep reading to find out more.

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the criminal justice system and unmask some hard-hitting truths for one last time? Well then we’ve got you covered and you don’t need to look any further, as we can assure the readers that the beloved Apple TV+’s riveting crime drama, Truth Be Told, has been confirmed to end its four-year run with its latest third season, which concluded on March 24, 2023, with the premiere of “A Kiss Not Mine Alone.”

There is no doubt that the show has amassed a passionate following of fans over the years and has kept them on the edge of their seats with plot twists, incredible acting, and stunning visuals. We have come to love the characters over the years and have elaborated and explored a list of suspects to the unmasking of the true villain, evolving into one of the jaw-dropping best crime thrillers on television in recent years. 

'Truth Be Told' to end with Season 3 at Apple TV+

Hence, the queries relating to its future need to be answered, especially for the fans who were certain to experience another fitting continuation to this thrilling saga. So, if you’re wondering the same thing, “Will there be a fourth season or not?”— then you’ve come to the right place. As We at Web News Observer have compiled a quick summary of everything you need to know about the current status of the series.

Unfortunately, the series cancellation after three seasons was confirmed on April 2023, by the beloved series star Octavia Spencer as she shared the news on Instagram, quote, “Hey y’all.  I wanted to share the news that after three seasons of seeking truth and justice, Poppy Scoville is going on a much-needed vacation,” Spencer wrote. 

Further adding, “I want to thank my partners at Orit Entertainment, Hello Sunshine, Chernin Entertainment, Fifth Season, and everyone at Apple for being so supportive over the past three seasons. Nichelle Tramble, Maisha Closson, Mikkel Norgaard, and our incredible cast and crew – thank you for your creative vision during this incredible journey. Poppy Scoville signing off.”


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In addition to this, Matt Chernis, head of programming for Apple TV+, also added: “It has been an honor and a privilege to collaborate with Octavia and Hello Sunshine on three thrilling seasons of ‘Truth Be Told,’ a series that quickly made its way into the hearts of audiences across the globe.”

Further adding, “This show has given us the opportunity to not only witness Octavia’s mesmerizing and nuanced portrayal of crime-solving podcaster Poppy Scoville but to explore so many powerful and timely themes set against the backdrop of a captivating family drama. We can’t wait to find our next project together.”

So, this makes it clear that the show will not return for a good reason and the third season will remain the ending of this legal/crime drama streaming television series. Hence, we suggest that the viewers should binge-watch the entire franchise to recall and reminisce about all the events that make the show worth watching!

'Truth Be Told' to end with Season 3 at Apple TV+

Truth Be Told Season 1: A Quick Recap

Based on the novel “While You Were Sleeping” by Kathleen Barber, and “Truth Be Told” offers a unique glimpse into America’s obsession with true crime podcasts and challenge its viewers to consider the consequences when the pursuit of justice is placed on a public stage. Knowing who to trust is only half the battle in the fight for justice. 

Every truth has a consequence. When new evidence compels podcaster Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer) to reopen the murder case that made her a national sensation, she comes face to face with Warren Cave (Aaron Paul), the man she may have mistakenly helped to put behind bars. Her investigation navigates urgent concerns about privacy, media, and race. 

Truth Be Told — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Truth Be Told Season 2: A Quick Recap

Descending into the world of true-crime podcasts, season two follows Octavia Spencer as podcaster Poppy Parnell, who risks everything—including her life—to pursue truth and justice. Poppy dives into a new case that deeply involves her childhood friend, media mogul Micah Keith (Hudson). As developments unfold, their lifelong friendship is put to the ultimate test.

Can you ever truly trust someone to keep your secrets safe? Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer) has a new case she would like you to reconsider when her childhood friend and media mogul Micah Keith (Kate Hudson) finds herself embroiled in tragedy and scandal. Poppy seeks to help Micah, pursuing justice on her very public and popular podcast, but at what personal and professional cost to Micah and her media empire? 

Truth Be Told — Season 2 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Truth Be Told Season 3: A Quick Recap

In the third season of Truth Be Told, the series follows Poppy (Octavia Spencer), frustrated by the lack of media attention for several young missing Black girls, teams with an unorthodox principal (Gabrielle Union) to keep the victims’ names in the public eye while chasing down leads to a suspected sex trafficking ring that may have ensnared them. 

From acclaimed writer, showrunner, and executive producer Nichelle Tramble Spellman, “Truth Be Told” is an NAACP Image Award-winning drama that offers a unique glimpse into America’s obsession with true crime podcasts and challenges its viewers to consider the consequences when the pursuit of justice is placed on a public stage. 

Truth Be Told — Season 3 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

The main cast members are as follows Octavia Spencer as Poppy Parnell, Aaron Paul as Warren Cave, Lizzy Caplan as Josie and Lanie Buhrman, Elizabeth Perkins as Melanie Cave, Michael Beach as Ingram Rhoades, Mekhi Phifer as Markus Killebrew,  Merle Dandridge as Zarina Killebrew, Tracie Thoms as Desiree Scoville, Haneefah Wood as Cydie Scoville, Ron Cephas Jones as Lukather “Shreve” Scoville, Kate Hudson as Micah Keith, David Lyons as Inspector Aames, Katherine LaNasa as Noa Havilland, Tami Roman as Lillian “Lily” Scoville, and Rico E. Anderson as Herbie. 

“Truth Be Told,” is created and executive produced by Nichelle Tramble Spellman. Maisha Closson serves as the showrunner for season three. Executive producers include Closson, Spencer, Mikkel Nørgaard, Reese Witherspoon, and Lauren Neustadter for Hello Sunshine, Peter Chernin, and Jenno Topping for Chernin Entertainment, and Brian Clisham for Orit Entertainment. It is produced for Apple by Hello Sunshine, Chernin Entertainment, Orit Entertainment, and Fifth Season.

You can binge-watch all three seasons, which are available on Apple TV+, which offers premium, compelling drama and comedy series, feature films, groundbreaking documentaries, and kids and family entertainment and is available to watch across all your favorite screens with a selection of membership tiers from which viewers can pick according to their preferences. To date, Apple Original films, documentaries, and series have been honored with 300 wins and 1,305 award nominations.

Catch up on the previous episodes and let us know what you find out about the final season.