Turning 30? Be ready to experience these possible changes in your life

Credits: Pexels

For most of us, turning 30 is a significant year. Everyone expects you to take responsibility and act with maturity whether you are ready or not. For many of us, by the time we reach 30, we have the perfect job, life partner, a good family, and well-planned life ahead. Those who are struggling in their life still hold a chance to secure it until they reach their mid-life crisis in their 40s, so this age is not too old to consider yourself wasted but also not too young to sit back and relax.

You must have often judged in your teenage days, or you probably felt that people above this age were actually very ancient when you were 20, and there was certainly a long bucket list to fulfill before turning 30. The truth is that when your 30th birthday rolls around, you don’t really feel that old, but some things do. So here are certain changes in your life you will experience in your thirty, flirty, and thriving age.

Your friend circle shrinks

Toxic friendships

You no longer go out with ten pals, and you don’t put up with people who annoy you. Finally, you’ll discover how to cherish and love your few true pals wholeheartedly. Instead of wasting time with poisonous individuals or those who only take from you and provide nothing in return, true happiness comes from having a small group of close buddies you have made in these long years and with whom you can share each and every detail of your life. The good thing is you will be able to differentiate between fake and snake friends.

You are more confident about perfect love and sex

By 30, you have your priorities and choices right. You have had enough experience to decide on what’s good and bad. Unlike teenagers who get easily fooled in love, now there is no window to get cheated. Your sex life automatically improves as you finally learn to love your body and feel more self-assured around your partner. After all, being 30 is great, provided we set some changes aside. There has never been a better time to live.

You start taking care of your health


Initially, you eat whenever you want and whatever you want without gaining any weight. Everything you put into your body will now be visible. It becomes simpler to put on weight. Therefore, you must start working out and eating better.

You start spending too much on hair and cosmetics

5-step-skin-care-for-oily-skinThough till your mid-30s, you hardly experience any wrinkles, those things start appearing in your late 30s. Giving proper skin care from the beginning might save you from those early signs of aging. Also, when you reach the age of 30, grey hairs start to take over your entire head; plucking is no longer an option. So, that also makes a hole in our pocket as we have to visit parlors more often now.

You start enjoying your “me time”

Benefits of alone time for mothers 3

By 30, you are actually a busy person. Studies, jobs, relationships, etc., makes it really tough to take out time for yourself. So now you will actually crave some alone time.

You might wish to go back in your 20s

This one is the most emotional part. Now, whenever you see people enjoying their carefree lives of college and school, you will wish to go back to those times. You might hit the reality by now that aging is happening at a really fast pace, and so are drastic changes in your life.