TWICE’s Jihyo’s solo debut album date REVEALED

Credit: Instagram

Excitement reaches its peak as JYP Entertainment unveils the highly anticipated teaser for TWICE’s Jihyo’s solo debut mini album. Simultaneously, the powerhouse group continues to dominate the global stage with their record-breaking world tour. With Jihyo’s solo debut set for August 18 and TWICE’s mesmerizing performances captivating fans worldwide, the ONCE fandom is in for a double delight.

Jihyo’s Solo Debut

After much anticipation, JYP Entertainment finally reveals the title of Jihyo’s solo debut album as “Zone” with the captivating title track, “Killing Me Good.” The teaser poster, featuring a mosaic screen concealing Jihyo’s face, offers glimpses of stunning visuals, including flying candles, shimmering heart lights, broken glass, and seething waves. The enigmatic messages within “Killin’ Me Good” pique the curiosity of fans, heightening the excitement for Jihyo’s solo debut.

Jihyo’s Musical Journey

Jihyo showcased her immense talent as a solo artist during TWICE’s “READY TO BE” new world tour in Seoul, passionately delivering her own song, “Nightmare.” Fans were already speculating about Jihyo’s solo debut based on a teaser poster, and their hopes were confirmed by the agency. With Jihyo renowned for her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence, ONCEs eagerly anticipate her solo debut, hoping she will bring her unique musical color forward with “Zone” and “Killing Me Good.” Nayeon’s previous solo success has set the bar high, and fans are excited to witness Jihyo’s individual artistry.

TWICE’s Record-Breaking World Tour

TWICE continues to solidify their global presence through their spectacular world tour. The group’s concert at the Tacoma Dome in Seattle, USA, garnered immense success, setting a record for the most consecutive sold-out tickets. The enthusiasm from fans worldwide remains unwavering, with shows in Bangkok, Thailand, and Bulacan, Philippines, selling out for September 23 and September 30, respectively. Notably, TWICE made history by becoming the first female group to enter the SoFi Stadium and sell out, carrying forward the momentum from their electrifying 50,000-person performance in Los Angeles to their subsequent concert in Auckland. The group’s world tour continues to captivate audiences, generating immense fanfare for their remarkable performances.


With Jihyo’s highly anticipated solo debut on the horizon and TWICE’s awe-inspiring world tour captivating fans globally, ONCEs are in for an exhilarating double delight. Jihyo’s musical journey as a solo artist promises to showcase her exceptional talent and artistry, while TWICE’s record-breaking world tour solidifies their position as one of the most influential girl groups in the industry. As the countdown to Jihyo’s debut and the continuation of TWICE’s world tour begins, fans can’t help but be filled with anticipation for the remarkable musical experiences that await them.